Fall Wedding Bouquets

For the bouquet, there are so many different flower arrangements for you to
choose from, that sometimes it can seem a little… intimidating, shall we say?
But with a few helpful hints and a couple flower arrangement ideas, finding
the perfect bouquet doesn’t have to be so hard after all! **They’re Silk?**
They’re less expensive, they last longer, and you don’t have to worry about
dead or crushed flowers on your wedding day. Silk flowers are fabulous
keepsakes too- take it from me, I still have mine and they’re gorgeous, a year
and a half later! With silk flowers, you don’t have to worry about them being
in season or not- if you want sunflowers, roses, calla lilies, or anything in
between, you can have them! Not to mention, they’re usually about _half_ the
price of regular flowers.

Fall Wedding Bouquet by FestivitiesMN

**As Real As It Gets!** As nice as silk flowers are,
there’s nothing better than the sweet aroma of freshly picked blossoms. The
kiss of soft petals on your fingers will send a wave of blissful excitement
through your veins. Real flowers are fantastic, but they are a little pricey,
especially if you want flowers that are out of season. But not to worry. There
are many different floral options for you to select from, giving you a wide
array choices. **A Little Bit of Both** There’s always a way around a hefty
price tag while still getting what you really want. If having real flowers as
your bouquet would mean the world to you, than splurge on yourself- you
deserve it! Your ladies can have gorgeous silk flower bouquets that look just
as real as yours. Nobody will really be able to tell the difference. **Color
Combinations** Ah, colors! With a gorgeous bouquet, it can really accentuate
your dress’ beauty! There are hundreds of different color options, but here
are a few color and bouquet combination suggestions!

* Orange calla lilies, red roses, cranberry ranunculus, and red berries
* red, orange, and yellow roses, calla lilies, golden mokara orchids, and hypericum berries
* Sunflowers, red roses, and berries (sunflowers seem to be a popular fall choice for bouquets)
With just the right flowers, you can really set off the whole décor of your
wedding. You can even use some of the same flower combinations as
centerpieces, aisle and alter decorations, and so much more. Flowers are
beautiful, and with just the right bouquet, your whole wedding will have a
classy, elegant feel to it!

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