Fall Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

They’ve been there for you throughout the entire wedding process; they’ve
helped you get everything in order, making sure your wedding day turns out
perfect. Your bridesmaids are your right hand ladies, am I right? Your wedding
is your day; you’re the gorgeous centerpiece everyone gets to dote on and fawn
over, but your bridesmaids deserve a little loving too! With just the right
dress, they can feel prim and pretty on your big day! There are so many
different dress options out there that it’s easy to get lost in the mountains
of fabrics, colors, and style choices. Choosing the perfect dresses for your
ladies can be a daunting task, but with a few pointers, bridesmaid dress
shopping doesn’t have to be such a headache after all!

Fall Bridesmaids Dresses by by MightyBoyBrian

**Twinning It Up:** Some like the idea of matching dresses- it adds a sense of
oneness, organization, and equality among the ladies. But make sure that you
pick a dress that goes well with different body types! Not only that, but you
want to make sure you pick colors that coincide with your theme and the
season. Also, length is important. For a fall wedding, a longer bridesmaid
dress can keep your gals a little warmer, as well as add an air of
sophistication. Deep purples, mahoganies, deep oranges, grays, and browns are
all classy, warm fall colors that are excellent choices. **We’re All A Little
Different:** Nobody has the same body type, and that’s ok! Finding the perfect
bridesmaid dress that fits the sinewy, curvy, petite, and lofty ladies can
seem almost impossible- that’s where letting them choose the style comes in
handy! For several brides, picking the website, color, material, and length
are the only boundaries they set; as far as style goes, their bridesmaids are
free to choose! From one shoulder to sweetheart, halter top to short sleeves,
the options provide the opportunity for your girls to choose a dress they feel
sexy and classy in. **Just A Few Extra Tid-Bits of Advice:**

* For cooler days, adding a shawl to your bridesmaid’s wardrobe can help ward off the chill-bumps. With a classy shawl draped over their shoulders, they’ll feel warmer, elegant, and cozy.
* Renting dresses is the greatest idea since sliced bread- let’s be honest, no lady is going to wear a chiffon wedding gown a second time. Another bonus point- renting is cheaper!
* Pick a material that’s comfortable and won’t easily wrinkle. Chiffon is a popular choice- it’s comfortable, easy to maintain, and looks good right out of a suitcase!
* Choose a shoe style that matches the gowns and theme of your wedding. Not only that, but make sure it’s comfortable and easy to walk in if your wedding is out doors. Cowboy boots, ballet flats, and close-toed heels are all popular choices.
Your big day is all about you! But make sure your ladies feel pretty too-
they’ve helped make your wedding day perfect!

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