Fall Wedding Centerpieces- From Simple to Extravagant!

Fall Centerpiece by doug.neiner

Ok ladies, we all know centerpieces are, well, the centerpiece of decoration! No matter if you’re going simple or extravagant with your adornments, it’s important to get that “wow factor” from all of your guests. With a few simple pieces, your wedding will be the talk-of-the-town! Centerpieces are routinely used to draw attention, add décor, and provide pops of color to your reception room; it’s important to remember to use bright, coordinating shades. For those looking to have a fall wedding, oranges, yellows, reds, deep purples, and browns are just a few perfect choice hues. Here are a few tips on how to have the perfect fall centerpieces- from simple to extravagant! For simplistic beauty on a budget, fruit is a must-have! Apples and pumpkins are a couple foundational fruits that will add just the right amount of color to your décor. The best part? You can find real-looking foam apples and pumpkins, keeping within your budget but still adding fantastic color to your tables. With the apples, you can place a few red or even green apples in a glass vase, add some water to give the “floating affect,” and top the vase off with lit candles. Or, you can simply place a few apples in a vase, top it off with some flowers or even a few sprigs of wheat, and call it perfect!

Centerpiece by Bunches and Bits

Caramel apples are delicious and a big hit with just about anyone- adding them as your centerpiece will have you named “favorite bride of the year!” With the caramel apples, you can use them as party favors, name placements, or just as centerpieces. The options are endless! If fruit isn’t exactly your favorite idea, and you’re looking for something a little more “fallish” and rustic, twining together wheat bunches and adding a few surrounding candles or pumpkins will give your table a simple yet beautiful touch of décor. Extravagant and all out- you want the perfect wedding with gorgeous centerpieces! There are so many options to choose from that sometimes it can seem overwhelming to find the right one! Here are a few more extravagant ideas for fall wedding centerpieces. Flowers, flowers, flowers! Flowers give off the aura of elegance and beauty, giving the perfect touch of décor to any table in any room. There are several different fall flowers that will make the perfect floral arrangement- and with the right extras, your centerpieces will wow all of your guests. A few fabulous flower choices include red, orange, or yellow roses, Burgundy Berry Calla Lily Flowers, Craspedia Billy Balls Orange Flowers, and orange Bulk Dahlias. With a gorgeous crystal or glass vase, and a few lit red candles, your centerpieces will be glorious. Want something different, gorgeous, and original for your centerpieces? Try using hollowed out pumpkins as your vase, filling them with gorgeous yellow, golden, burgundy, red, and brown flowers! Between the color combinations and the pumpkin as the vase, you’ll have guests impressed! It’s important to remember cohesive, bright colors can make all the difference in your decorations. With just the right centerpieces, whether extravagant or simple, you’re bound to wow your guests and leave a lasting impression!

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