The Family Band

Music and the DJ play significant roles at a wedding. The DJ is the life of
the party, keeping all of your guests entertained, excited, and ready to
dance! With just the right playlist and attitude, your DJ can determine the
excitement levels of your wedding. Here’s the clincher – DJ’s, typically, are
expensive. For an awesome, highly trained, professional DJ, the price range
can just about topple you over. But here’s the good news – if you have
musically talented family members or friends, you could have them DJ at the
reception for you! Having family or friends act as your DJ can really help to
save you a bundle. **The Average DJ Cost** DJ prices are all over the board.
You can hire a DJ for as cheap as $300 to as expensive as $5,000 for a 4-6
hour wedding. Depending on the expertise level, the cost of a DJ can really
fluctuate. You want a _professional_ DJ who is going to come _professionally_
dressed with _professional_ manners and _professional_ equipment. Like I said
before, the music determines the whole atmosphere of your wedding. So if you
want someone to DJ professionally, you’ll probably look at prices at around
$800-$1,500 if not more. **Do Your Research** If you don’t have musically
inclined family members and friends who could professionally DJ or play
instruments at your wedding, than make sure you do your “DJ research.” Another
tip – book a DJ way in advance! This will help save you money as well.
Compare, ask around, and don’t be afraid to ask for videos of their previous

DJ by auroramixer

**The Family DJ** If you’re looking to
save money on your wedding, saving hundreds, if not thousands, on a DJ will
certainly help. I know of several people, myself included, who had family or
family friends DJ or play instruments at their wedding. Having family members
or friends act as your DJ and/or musicians will ensure that names are
announced properly, the music you want is played, and everything is
professionally and accurately done. Your family and friends are dedicated to
making sure that your day is perfect, so they will do all that they can to get
you the rocking reception you want! With family or friends as your DJ and/or
ceremony musicians, you can save a lot of money. From a trio of family
violinists playing classical tunes at your ceremony, to a fun and crowd-
reading DJ, your wedding and reception are bound to be entertaining, memorable
events for all!

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