To Favor or Not To Favor?

Let’s be honest, how many times have you taken home your favors from a wedding? Most of the time, if we’re honest, we accidentally leave them on the tables, not even giving them a second thought. As the bride, you put a little thought, time, and maybe even effort into the favors, so to find almost every single one still on the table is a little bit of a waste. So the million dollar question is, to favor or not to favor? Here are some reasons why you don’t have to, but here are also some great ideas (and reasons) why you should! It’s not a “must-do” in the wedding world to give favors, so in the end it’s most definitely your choice!

CD of Wedding Music as Favors by Salicia

To Favor: It’s been done for as long as we can remember; it’s a tradition most all traditional brides follow. But is it really mandatory? Here are some reasons to favor… * One great reason favors are a good idea is because all of your guests took time out of their day, their weekend, to come and celebrate with you. Yes, you invited them and you’re feeding them, but they didn’t have to come. It’s a sweet little thank you to top of their evening.

Ring the Bell Wedding Favors by Joshua
]1 Ring the Bell Wedding Favors by Joshua

  • You don’t have to go all out when it comes to favors. You can find super cute, really inexpensive alternatives to your mini mason jars of local honey (which is expensive). Instead, you can opt for great ideas that are cheap, easy to do, and may be even DIY!

DIY Wedding Favors by Salicia

  • If you’re still not convinced, here’s another idea for you: your favors can pull double duty. Not only can they be decoration pieces for your table, but they can also be the favors your guests take home. Whether they’re mini bouquets, or little mini chocolates, it’s a great idea. Who doesn’t like a decoration piece that pulls double duty?

Wedding Favors by Kat Jenkinson

  • They can also be used for seating arrangements. For example, you can use little mini wooden keys with each guests name tied on it as both the seating placement and a mini favor. Think of little things that guests would like to take home.

Or Not to Favor: Ok, so we’ve taken a gander at some great reasons why you should favor, and why many (well, most) brides do choose to do so. If you’re still not convinced, here are a couple reasons to back you up: * Like I’ve mentioned before, not a lot of guests actually take them home. Therefore, those little wedding favors you spent time looking for, buying, and putting together are nothing but food for the garbage. * If you’re on a budget and your budget just can’t splurge the extra dollars, it’s ok to forgo them. Again, like I said before, your guests won’t even realize they’re missing. Now that we have a few reasons why and why not, it’s up to you to decide. In general etiquette terms, it’s not necessary, but it is definitely a good way to say thank you. Whether your favors pull double duty or you try little mini favors, your guests will still be appreciative of the idea. So weigh the pros and cons and decide to favor or not to favor!

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