First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage…Then Comes Baby? 5 Things for Your Pre-Baby Bucket List

It is inevitable, but for whatever reason, just about everyone you encounter in your wedding planning or in your adventures as a newlywed will feel the need to jump-start your biological clock for you! You know what I mean, the infamous question of when you and your betrothed will start having children. This especially goes for your family, in particular the older generations looking to see the family tree flourish.

How you answer that question is completely up to a number of different variables, depending upon how long you would like to enjoy your newlywed status as “just the two of you”, how large a family you would like to have and if you are emotionally/financially stable. Or you may not be sure if kids are in the cards for you all together. No matter what your situation and what a blessing a child can be, there are inevitably some things that become much more difficult to do once you have children.

Here is a “Pre-Baby Bucket List” that I have compiled along the way with some help from a few trusted, expert resources.

1. Bon Vonage!

Once you get past the extra luggage and the strategic planning involved in packing in preparation for any scenario, your travel exploits will likely be much different post-baby. Romantic getaways to Napa Valley or tailgating in support of your alma mater will likely be replaced with kid-friendly trips to Disney Land, the zoo or the science museum.

2. Wine & Dine.

While date night is an important part of any marriage, it inevitably becomes more expensive when you factor in the cost of a babysitter. Even with the best behaved child, there will certainly be some restaurants that specifically cater to the adult scene. It can also be different to truly enjoy your alone time together when your mind is distracted thinking about what is happening on the home front and if the babysitter is up to snuff.

3. Be Spontaneous.

You would be surprised at how much equipment and accessories children come with! I’ve been told by many parents that once you have children, you can easily add 20-30 minutes to the time it would normally take you to get out the door, and that’s just on a regular weekday! The amount of preparation and planning involved in packing up the bare necessities for time spent away from home can be overwhelming. Factor in the importance of adhering to your child’s eating, bathing and sleeping routines, and you can easily see the spontaneity fade away.

4. Take Career Risks.

With children comes responsibility. Not only are you responsible for their safety, well-being and overall livelihood, but you also carry the burden of providing financial security. If you have considered changing careers, switching jobs or even going back to school, now is the time to do it! You will have more free time to devote to your transition and will feel less of the pressure to provide for your family.

5. Be Selfish.

Once you have a baby, long gone are the days of partying with friends until the wee hours of the morning, lounging around in bed all day and only having to think about your needs. You child will dictate when you sleep, when you eat and even when you use the restroom!

Readers! We want your feedback! What things are on your “Pre-Baby Bucket List”?

{Image by Beatrice Murch. Used under Creative Commons.}

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