Who Flips What Bill?

As we’ve established, weddings can be and are expensive. When it comes to who
flips what bill, lines can get a little smudged, and that’s ok. Traditionally
speaking, I will give you a list of who pays what, but this list, by no means,
is set in stone! Make sure your side of the family and your fiancé’s side of
the family discuss wedding finances. Everyone does things a little
differently, and that’s ok! This traditional payment list is a guide to help
you decide on who flips what bill.

To-Do List by Tony

**Bride:** Traditionally, the bride’s family pays for most of the wedding expenses. Girls come with the territory (think dowries…) of wedding bills. Here’s a list of traditional payments made by the bride’s family:

* **Ceremony:** The bride’s family pays for renting expenses, the officiant, and anything that has to do with the ceremony.
* **Bride’s Attire:** The bride’s family traditionally pays for her wedding gown and everything that goes with it.
* **Flower Arrangements:** This includes all the decorative flowers, and the flower girl and bridesmaids bouquets.
* **NOTE:** Here’s where my family did it a little differently – we paid for all the flower expenses, including my bouquet, the boutonnieres, and corsages.
* **Photography/Videography: **Anything photographed or videoed is paid for by the bride’s family.
* **Reception:** This is all-inclusive, meaning, the bride’s family pays for the food, renting of the building/space, and decorations.
* **Invitations:** Anything paperie is flipped by the bride’s family.
* **Transportation:** If you have a limousine (or a horse-drawn carriage like I did) the bride’s family pays for it.
**Groom:** Traditionally speaking (again), the groom’s family pays for less than the bride’s family (I was always told boys were cheaper… I guess they were right…). Here’s what the groom’s side pays for:

* **Grooms Outfit: **His tux/suit, shoes, etc…****
* **Flowers:** This includes the bride’s bouquet, the boutonnieres, and the mother/grandmother corsages. ****
* **Honeymoon:** Traditionally, the groom’s family pays for the honeymoon.****
* **NOTE:** This is where we differed from traditional payments – my husband paid for the honeymoon expenses, as this was something he wanted to do.****
* **Rehearsal Dinner:** The groom’s family hosts the rehearsal dinner. As the host, they have free reign to choose.
* **Marriage License:** Again, my husband and I veered from tradition with this one, and we flipped the bill. But traditionally speaking, the groom’s family usually does.
Remember, this list is a traditional idea – it’s not set in stone and a must-
follow. Everyone differs, and that’s ok! Choose what best fits in each side of
the family’s budget, and go from there. Remember, this is a special occasion,
so don’t cause WWIII by trifle financial arguments! Smile, breathe, and enjoy!

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