Flowers for the Occasion

Flowers are one of those timeless treasures that never cease to bring a smile, a blush, a skipping heartbeat – flowers are an example of a love that grows with treasured care and love. With the right soil, water, sunlight, and care, flowers grow to be ornaments of pure astounding beauty; same with love. There are so many occasions where flowers are a meaningful addition to a perfect day. What are some of those occasions, you might ask? Alright gentleman, grab your pen and paper (or iPad, phone, tablet, or whatever it is you use!) and take note – these occasions are the best times to give the lady of your dreams a bouquet of flowers.

Daffodil Bouquet by Josh Lowensohn

Will You Be My Valentine? This is probably one of the most obvious occasions where flowers are a perfect touch to a romantic day, afternoon, or evening. Valentines flowers are absolutely perfect – they set the mood of pure romance as the heavenly scent of roses permeates the air. Bashful Birthday Babe: It’s her birthday, and whether or not she’s excited about it, giving her a gorgeous bouquet of flowers is important. Make it unique by choosing “birth flowers” – it’s the same idea as a birthstone. Each month has a special flower, and by getting your wife, fiancé, or girlfriend her birth flower, it shows her you put a little effort into the choosing! Here’s a list of birth flowers for ya!

  • **January**: Carnations **July:** Larkspur/Delphinium * February: **Violet/Iris **August:** Gladiolus * **March:** Daffodil **September:** Aster * **April:** Sweet Pea/Daisy **October:** Marigold * **May:** Lily **November:** Chrysanthemum * **June:** Rose **December:** Narcissus/Poinsettia **Marvelous Mommy Day: As a mom myself, Mother’s Day is a special time; it’s recognition for all the sweet and glorious hard work us mommy’s do in order to take care of our beautiful babies and fantastic husbands. Remind your sweet wife that she’s your whole world by giving her a gorgeous bouquet of her favorite flowers!

A Life of Forever with You: Your anniversary day is one of the most important days y’all will have together; it was a day of pure enigmatic joy as love saturated the air and promises of forever were whispered ever so softly. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting your anniversary day! Bring home a gorgeous bouquet of roses to show your wonderful wife how much you love her!

Bringing Home Baby: This one isn’t quite as popular as the other occasions, but it’s still a great time to get fabulous flowers for the new mommy! A small bouquet of sweet smelling flowers will help to brighten the plain hospital room. Although you both will only have eyes for each other and your new bundle of joy, a bouquet of flowers will help to make the room feel a little homier! Now, gentleman, since y’all have a list of occasions that are great for flowers, there are no more excuses! So, now that the opportunity is here, take the moment and surprise her with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers on hers or y’alls special day!

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