{For the Guys} Make Your Engagement Special with an Unconventional Wedding Ring

Getting engaged is the first major step on the path of committing to a long-term relationship. Because of its importance, those popping the question often wish to do it in a unique, uncommon fashion. For couples who tend to not fall in line and do what tradition dictates, avoiding the mainstream wedding rituals isn’t a simple feat. However, you can easily break away from the typical proposal by asking your partner’s hand in marriage in a unique fashion, and by presenting your mate with a distinctive engagement ring.

Engagement rings that shy away from popular designs and classic detailing are befitting of brides-to-be who aren’t interested in the style associated with ordinary weddings. Rings that have a personal flair are ideal because they show the individuality of you and your soon-to-be spouse. Adding special elements, such as a meaningful stone or distinctive setting, can make both your engagement and the ring you give your significant other an exceptional occasion.

Settings That Set a Precedent

Choosing the proper setting for your engagement ring is an important part of creating your future spouse’s engagement ring. Because it can enhance the diamond or stone at the center of your ring, the setting contributes to the value of the ring. When deciding on a setting, keep the wedding band in mind. If your bride-to-be intends on having a simple band, then your engagement ring can be more elaborate. But bands that resemble eternity rings pair best with simple, understated engagement rings. Also, be sure your setting goes suits the design of your diamond or stone and any other intricate features of the ring.

Select a Rare Stone

Although diamonds are known to be popular among women, not every lady yearns for a gigantic rock as an engagement ring, and some don’t want a diamond ring at all. Many of today’s chic women are taking a cue from Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and are requesting engagement rings with gems like sapphire, ruby and amethyst. Stones with symbolic meaning, such as your fiance’s birthstone or a family heirloom, make your engagement more intimate and meaningful.

Go For a Unique Antique

Antique or vintage-inspired engagement rings are growing in popularity among chic brides-to-be. These rings are a stylish alternative to the customary cushion cut diamond rings, pear-shaped solitaire or double halo setting. Because there are different variations of vintage rings, you’re unlikely to find many women sporting the same ring, or even something akin to it. Art Deco rings from the 20s and 30s, for instance, offer brilliant colors, geometric formations, and bold, often dramatic, designs. For those who can’t get their hands on an original antique ring, vintage replicas can add unique touches, such as a special gemstone or different type of metal. In addition, ring designers are crafting vintage-inspired engagement rings and wedding bands for those who desire the antique look, but want a new style. Some jewelers are even incorporating both modern and classic styles, which creates an incomparable, customized design.

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  1. Jen @ YumYum Weddings
    February 4, 2013 at 5:23 pm (2 years ago)

    This is a great post, and I wish more people would consider unconventional alternatives for their engagement rings. I never thought much about it until my fiance’ expressed his distaste for the usuallly picked diamonds. He doesn’t respect the diamond trade, and since I’ve developed a distaste for it as well. Then I started looking at engagement rings without the diamond, and the choices are astounding! Beyond that, it makes the ring more personal, in my opinion…something that your partner actually has to think about to match your wants and personality. I love the idea, and love that you wrote about it. Kudos!


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