{Free Download} DIY Wedding Invitation Set

Hello there! My name is Anna Skye and I am the founder and designer at [Download & Print](http://www.downloadandprint.com/). I started Download & Print nearly five years ago after a very stressful quest during my own wedding planning for affordable and gorgeous invitations. I became determined that every bride should have access to exquisite stationery.

I am so excited to be invited to the Plunge Project today,
and share with you an exclusive free template design that may just be a
perfect fit for your big day. It’s a round invitation and RSVP card with a
lovely intricate scroll detail. I’ve also included a coordinating envelope
liner. The sample shown is in black and white, but you could print on any
color card stock to tie in with your wedding theme. Nothing screams DIY here.
Grab the [free template files](http://www.downloadandprint.com/round-wedding-
invitation-set/) and follow along with the steps below.

## Supplies

* [Free printable templates](http://www.downloadandprint.com/round-wedding-invitation-set/)
* Card Stock in white or cream
* 5.75” square envelope for invitation (as seen [here](http://www.paper-source.com/cgi-bin/paper/color/5.75-x-5.75-Square-Envelopes/2506.001/108.html))
* Printer
* Microsoft Word
* Scissors
* Glue stick or double sided tape
* Bone folder (optional)

## Step 1: Download and Print

[Download](http://www.downloadandprint.com/round-wedding-invitation-set/) the
template files and open in MS Word. The invitation and RSVP will download in
one Word file, the envelope liner is a separate download. Customize with your
wedding details. The script font used in the template sample is
[Exmouth](http://www.dafont.com/exmouth.font), and the information text is
[Copperplate Light](http://www.fonts101.com/fonts/view/Uncategorized/45049/Cop
perplate_Becker_Light), both of which are available to download for free. If
you do not have these fonts installed on your computer Word will substitute
different fonts. You can pick any fonts that you like. Print the files on
white or cream cardstock. _TIP: I recommend printing one sample of the
invitation and RSVP to check for spelling and punctuation errors. Have a
second set of eyes look at the sample before you commit to printing them all!_

## Step 2: Trim the Circles

Cut the invitation and RSVP circles along the trim
lines using your scissors. The trick to cutting circles is to keep your
scissors stationary and move the paper. For smooth circles use long, deep cuts
along the entire blade rather than small snips.

Also cut out the envelope liner.

## Step 3: Glue the Envelope Liner

Place the envelope liner into a 5.75” square envelope. Line up the top flap so that is sits just below the edge of the envelope. Fold over the liner along the fold line of the envelope, using a bone folder if available for a sharp crease. Add some glue or double sided tape to the back of the liner flap. Fold the envelope flap over and onto the liner and push down firmly to attach the liner to the envelope.

The invitations are now ready for stuffing and mailing!

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