Fun, Fabulous, and Unique Guest Book Ideas

[Guest books]( guest-book-ideas) are one of those wedding essentials that we all buy and then forget about once the wedding day is over. To be honest, not too many brides sit down and flip through the pages of a guest book reading a list of names. Instead of buying the unoriginal guest book, you could opt for incredibly unique and fun alternatives such as maps, photos, and wine bottles! Here are 10 fabulous ideas just for you!

Guest Book by paperladyinvites

1. **Wooden Bench**: This is great for the rustic bride. After your wedding day, you can use the wedding bench as a décor, such as a foot board for your bedroom or a bench in the living room. Either way it’s personal and useful!
2. **Wooden Plaques**: I did this as my “guest book”, and to this day I still proudly display the plaques on my living room wall. It’s rustic, chic, and decorative!
3. **Picture Frame**: A huge frame with wide edges is perfect for framing a wedding photo. It’s the perfect book alternative!
4. **Photo Booth**: Have your guests take a picture of themselves and then stick [the pictures to a guest book](, adding a little note next to it! Instead of names, you’ll have pictures and encouraging words!
5. **Board Games**: If you’re a board game lover like me, than this idea is perfect. Have your guests write their names on Jenga blocks or a board game, and then as you and your spouse play the game in the future, you’ll both be reminded of your gloriously beautiful wedding day and all the love that surrounded y’all!
6. **Map or Globe**: If you’re a traveling fanatic, have your guests sign a map or globe. Make it personal by having them sign the state where they were born or raised!
7. **Instrument**: For those of you who play instruments, have your guest sign a guitar, violin, or any of your favorite instruments.
8. **Wine Bottles**: Instead of just eating the top tier of your wedding cake, have your guests sign a custom bottle of wine, and open it up on your one year anniversary!
9. **Thumbprint Tree**: I love this idea. Your guests put their [thumbprint on a tree]( and then sign their names next to it. This is great for art lovers!
10. **Cook Book:** For all of us cook book readers and cooking fanatics, this is a great idea. Have your guests sign their names on their favorite recipe and leave you a little note!
You don’t have to stick with the traditional wedding guest book. Instead, opt
for something original, fun, quirky, and personal!

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