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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of attending a really fun wedding, you most likely took mental notes as to what made the event unique. While your wedding day will undoubtedly be memorable for you and your new bride or groom, unfortunately, guests may be less than impressed if the celebration is a cookie cutter version of weddings they’ve been to previously. There is no better gift than overhearing a guest say, “This is the best wedding ever!” We’ve compiled the very best ways to incorporate fun into your wedding to ensure your family and friends enjoy the day and leave with happy memories: Pre-Wedding Duties: Let guests know that your wedding will be interactive before they even arrive. On your RSVP cards, include a line for a song request. You’re guaranteed to have an eclectic mix of tunes at your reception, which means there will be something for everyone. Bet on the Vows: If you want to bring an element of surprise to your ceremony, play rock, paper, scissors to determine who says their vows first. This will set the tone for the entire day, letting your guests know that this party will be unlike any other!

A Sneaky Surprise: If you’ll be participating in the traditional garter toss (or even if you’re not), surprise your groom with a funny or sentimental garter that will wow him and your guests. Under her very traditional dress, one bride I know donned a Transformers garter for her husband, who had been collecting the action figures for years. It wasn’t only a surprise for the groom; it was a conversation piece. Get creative! This is a subtle way to infuse some fun into your wedding day. Start with Dessert & Keep It Coming: Veggie platters and cheese trays are fine but totally expected. If you want guests to get a fun vibe right away, serve dessert-style hors d’oeuvres. A do-it-yourself ice cream sundae bar can be a fun accompaniment to your wedding cake, and a candy bar can double as a wedding favor. Simply provide cute boxes or bags for guests to create their own combination. Keep your crowd fed and full all night, and they’re sure to leave happy (and on a sugar high)!

The Candy Bar by MINInurse

A Different Kind of Bar: Take the stuffiness out of your first meal as a married couple by offering a food bar. Some fun ideas? Waffles or pancakes with breakfast fixin’s, a taco bar, a burger bar… the possibilities are endless! Bring Outsiders In: To keep the party interesting, bring in a cartoonist to sketch your guests, or hire a juggler or magician to keep the audience captivated. Not only will this allow you and your bride or groom some downtime, it will keep everyone engaged, including the kids. Speaking of Kids: Kids remember fun! I once attended a wedding with fish bowls as centerpieces. At the end of the night, the bride and groom announced that the children could each take home a centerpiece. Oh boy! Many years later, my kids still talk about that wedding surprise. Stock the kids’ table with easy-to-assemble craft kits, games, and coloring pages. These small touches will make a big difference to them. Not Your Traditional Guestbook: There is nothing exciting about signing a traditional guestbook. Remember Polaroid cameras? If you can find a couple, have guests take photos and paste them into a scrapbook along with a personalized message. Not only will you have a one-of-a-kind guestbook; you’re guests will have created a scrapbook you can keep for years to come! Another option? Jenga blocks. Have guests write on them for a keepsake you can actually use!

Guest Blocks by MjZ Photography

Create a Wedding Day Facebook Page: Allow your guests to be wedding photographers! Add everyone who RSVP’d to a private Facebook group, and encourage them to snap candid pictures of the wedding and reception. They can then post them in the group for you and your other guests to see. Anticipation is Everything: To avoid guests sneaking out before you cut the cake, keep them guessing. Sprinkle surprises throughout the night and plan a grand finale. A fun send-off (think sparklers or glow sticks) or a surprise fireworks display should do the trick. Don’t let the party die off; end it with a bang!

Bride and Groom by Ryan G. Smith

Your wedding celebration is sure to be memorable if you focus on the fun! By mixing tradition with a few surprising twists, you’ll create a unique experience worthy of being called “the best wedding ever!”

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