A Garden Party Wedding: Decoration Tips & Ideas

Think English elegance, hot teas, and pastries; a garden party wedding is soft, refined, and enhances the beauty of everything natural. Soft pastels, china tea cups, lace doilies, and lots of roses are perfect decoration tools for really giving off that perfect garden appeal. I love garden party weddings simply because of the refinement and natural beauty that surrounds everyone. With just a few tips and tricks, you can wow all of your guests with the whimsical beauty and royal sophistication of your garden party wedding!

Garden Wedding by Ryan G. Smith

**Decorations:** For a garden party wedding, you want to steal ideas from an English tea party. For example, some items you may want to consider include:

* **Flowers:** Roses – you can’t go wrong with roses! Every shade of rose that you can think of will do. Some hues include soft pinks and brilliant reds, pastel yellows and crisp whites! You want dainty, romantic flowers for a garden party wedding.
* **Tea Cups:** I absolutely _love_ tea cups. This is where you can have fun – go shopping at antique stores or garage sales and purchase several different types, colors, styles, and designs. Mix it up with elegance!
* **Lace:** You can add lace everywhere. For example, use lace for table covers or table runners, to decorate your centerpieces, and even put little lace bows on your wedding invites and food menus!
* **Soft Colors:** Here come the pastels once again. You don’t want to go too bold – find colors that will really accentuate the gardens natural beauty, such as blush pinks, soft greens, faded blues, and pastel yellows.
**Tips:** With those decoration pieces in mind, here are just a few decorating tips and ideas for you to consider when putting everything together.

* **Place Settings:** For table wear, you want to keep it elegant, so go for china plates and bowls, (or china knock-offs to cut down on the price) doilies, and silverware. You can use the doilies as plate covers to give them a little extra something.
* **Menu:** Printed food menus on cream-colored paper and calligraphic writing is perfect for continuing with the English elegance that you’re shooting for.
* **Appetizers:** For hors d’oeuvres, delicate pastries, tiny cakes, cookies, and mini sandwiches will really set off the elegant feel that you’re going for. Try having a variety of foods so you can appeal to everyone’s tastes.
Having a garden party wedding is so much fun! It takes you and your guests to that whimsical wonderland filled with delectable treats and sweet smelling roses! From lace doilies to blush pink roses, you’ll have your guests impressed with the natural elegance!

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