Getting Your Guests Involved: Table Trivia

We’ve all been there, you just sat through a beautiful wedding ceremony, and
now you find yourself at a table full of strangers at the reception, anxiously
awaiting the arrival of the bride and groom since they disappeared with their
photographer for what is now starting to seem like forever! Luckily, wedding
activities for guests seem to be a new and growing trend that can help pass
the time during transitional moments in your wedding schedule, break the ice
and get your guests talking to each other! If you want to add some “table
trivia” at your wedding, here are a few ideas to consider:****

### 1. He Says, She Says

Create a list of favorite quotes and sayings from the Bride and Groom. Guests
try to guess whether “he said it” or “she said it”, and circle their choice as
they move down the list.

### 2. Mad Libs

Create a story, and leave blank spaces for your guests to add adjectives,
nouns and verbs to make the story their own! For a twist on this old favorite,
change the title from “mad libs” to “guest libs” or incorporate spaces of
“wedding advice” for the happy couple.

### 3. Crossword Puzzle

Make a crossword puzzle, and incorporate words that are indicative of the
happy couple. Attach a pencil or even adhere the game board to a popsicle
stick to create a “fan” for an outdoor summer wedding.

Make sure to entice your guests with a prize. Specify whether they should drop
their completed game card in a basket for a drawing, or have them play at
their own table and the winner gets to take home the centerpiece. It’s a
simple and easy way to entertain your guests, and it will leave them
remembering your wedding as pure fun and games!

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