Gifts for your Groom

Everyone says the wedding day is your day, but what about the groom? It’s a
huge day for him too, so remind him of your love by giving him a gift! From
sweet to sexy, you can give him something that shows how much you love and
appreciate him! Here are just a few fabulous ideas for you to consider.

Engraved Wedding Bands by Anthony Carr

**Gift Ideas:** There are tons of different gifts
that you can give your future husband, so don’t get overwhelmed when shopping
around! Make it fun and make it memorable!

* **Designer Watch:** Give him a watch to mark the time of your love! Gift him with the designer watch of his dreams, and add an extra touch by having his initials or your wedding date engraved on the back.
* **Cuff Links:** This is a popular gift that many brides give to their grooms, mostly because they’re practical, purposeful, and useful. Make it even more special by having them engraved with his initials or the date of your wedding.
* **Grill Set:** If your man loves to grill, than gift him with a high quality grill set. Make it fun by attaching a note saying “for our weekend grill dates!” or something else cute and quirky. What better way to spend a date night at home than with your hubby, perfectly grilled steaks, a bottle of wine, and jazz music?
* **Engraved Wedding Band:** My husband and I had each other’s wedding bands engraved. It adds a personal, loving touch to the rather intimate wedding ring. You can have your initials engraved inside, your wedding date, or a sweet note such as “forever yours”, “forever and always”, “forever my number one” or anything else you can think of.
* **Love Journal:** If you’re anything like me, than you have a box full of love notes that you wrote to him and he wrote to you. Make something special with those notes by binding them in a book and giving them to him on your wedding night.
* **Boudoir Photos:** Boudoir photos are a great idea for giving your husband something to look forward to. Add a sexy and personal touch to the photo shoot by wearing his favorite shirt or tie… You can be guaranteed he’ll love it!
Giving gifts to your fiancé can be fun and memorable! Make sure that your gift
is personal and intimate, something that he’ll remember and appreciate for
years to come. From a designer watch to a love journal, you’re guaranteed to
give your future husband the gift of all gifts!

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