Glamorize Your Tresses on Your Wedding Day!

Whether you have gloriously long, luscious locks or Pixie-sweet short tresses,
there are tons of different hairstyles out there that will add the perfect
touch to your wedding look! Here’s a short list of some hairstyle suggestions!
**Tips:** Go for something that makes you feel your best. Remember, you’re the
Belle of the Ball, so spruce up your mane and show it off! Some things to

* Is it going to be hot or cold?
* Is it humid the month of your wedding?
* Is it indoors, outdoors, or a bit of both?
* Is your wedding super chic and classy, or laid back and relaxed?
Take these factors into consideration, and then start looking at styles! Have
fun, go bold, and look elegant! **Short Up-Do’s:** For the short-haired
ladies, here are a few suggestions:

* **Fan Bun:** Go low, fan out your bun, and top it off with a side fishtail braid. Add in some accessories or leave it just as it is! Either way, this slicked-back style is perfect for the Posh Princess.
* **Headband Braid:** If your hair is long enough, try a “halo braid” – where you have just a top braid. Put the bottom locks in a bun and you have the perfect style for a relaxed wedding!
**Long Up-Do’s:** Here are some ideas for those of you have lusciously long locks:

* **Bun with a Braid:** Have a loose bun with tendrils of hair cascading in a downward spiral, than finish the look with a gorgeous French or fishtail braid on top.
* **Fishtail:** For a single side braid, the fishtail will add detail and relaxed sophistication. It’s perfect for the outdoor bride who’s looking to relax and enjoy her special day!
**Short Down-Do’s:** If you want to keep it down, here are a few short hairstyle ideas for you!

* **Curl:** Spiral curls add a whimsical, fairytale-like innocence and elegance to your style. Accent with gorgeous hair pieces to top it off!
* **Wave:** Beachy waves – my favorite! This is perfect for a relaxed wedding. Add a headband for a retro-relaxed look!
**Long Down-Do’s:** For those of you who have long hair, play it up with some of these fabulous long hairstyles!

* **Straight**: Stick straight, elegant, and sophisticated. Top it off with a tiara (be bold, remember!) and call it perfect!****
* **Curls or Waves**: Like the short hairstyles, waves or curls are perfect for accentuating your blushing-bride beauty. Accent with gorgeous hair pieces, and you have a flawless look!

Bridal Hair by David Jones, CPP

For that perfect look, find a style that best accentuates your wedding’s style. Go bold, go elegant, and have fun!****

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