{Healthy Living} How to Swap Your Shared Bad Habits for Healthy Ones

Did you know that studies show people who live together (particularly spouses) tend to have similar BMIs, and if their home is conducive to weight gain (think cookie jars, fast food takeout, freezers full of ice cream), their risk of obesity increases?!

Fortunately, newlyweds can harness this news for good – simply by ensuring that their shared habits are healthy ones – in fact, studies indicate that couples who team up to lose weight are typically more successful than those who take on the challenge alone. So whether you’re living with your hubby-to-be before the big day or have already tied the knot, here are some great healthy swaps (sent it by our friends at KIND Snacks) you can do to be healthy together, whether you’re gearing up for your big day or just for a long, healthy life together.

1. Swap Chocolate Bars for Healthy Snack Bars

Instead of backing each other into unhealthy snack traps, switch your favorite treats for healthy ones (still coated in real dark chocolate) like KIND Nuts & Spices Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt. They taste indulgent, and they’re good for you too!

2. Instead of Camping Out on Your Couch, “Camp” Outside

Before you get too comfy in your weekend routine on the living room sofa, plan some outdoor activities like a ski weekend or a nearby hike with your hubby as a healthy way to get your heart rates up and enjoy the outdoors together!

3. Swap Cocktail Hour for a Glass of Red Wine

There’s lots to celebrate when you’ve first tied the knot. Instead of testing out all your new glassware with a cocktail, toast to good health with a single glass of red wine. Studies show that women who drink a glass or two of red wine a day may be 30% less likely to be overweight than the nondrinkers…cheers to that!

4. Make Bedtime Playtime

Enjoy the honeymoon phase and everything that comes with it. Did you know that thirty minutes of sex burns about 85 calories or more, and it’s good for your heart too?!

So whether you’re trying to slim down for the big day or just set the stage for a long healthy life, these are some great easy ways to do it everyday — together!

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