Hiring your Family Friends to do the Dirty Work

Having your wedding catered can be _really_ expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, one way to squeeze a few Benjamin’s is by having family friends cater the wedding for you. As a personal side note, I had several family friends and acquaintances help with the catering of my wedding and it not only saved me (a lot) of money, but it made my day even more special and personal! So here are a few of the many benefits to having family friends and acquaintances cater your wedding. ** ****Catering Average: ** Like I said, you’ll save a lot of money when you go the friend-route with catering. Depending on what type of meal you’re having, whether it’s a buffet style, gourmet meal, or heavy hors d’oeuvres, the average catering cost is figured per person. For a roundabout idea for a dinner setting, $25pp (per person) is the average amount for restaurant catering. If you’re having a medium to large size wedding of about 150-200 people, that can come out to about $3,800 – $5,000. And that’s just a ball park price.


**The Benefits of Family Friends:** Having family friends cater your wedding will practically slash that price in half, if not completely. If you ask several people to come to your wedding to help with the catering, (don’t forget to mention the benefit of free food! Everyone loves free food…) you’ll more than likely have enough help to take care of the serving and clean up. Just remember to let everyone know that should they need help with catering any special events in the future, you’ll be there to help them! What goes around comes around! **Giving People A Chance to Help:** A lot of people have a servant’s heart and would love to help! Having family friends help cater your wedding will give your whole reception a family-feel. You want to be surrounded by people you love, know, and care for. Between family and close friends attending your wedding, and acquaintances helping to keep your day going, your wedding couldn’t get much better! “Hiring” friends and family acquaintances to help cater your wedding can save you thousands of dollars. If you’re trying to pinch a few pennies and save a few dimes, cutting out the catering cost will really help. Just remember to make yourself available to help anyone who helped serve at your wedding. A kind “thank you” and willingness to help them in return will give you a boost in the friend department!

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