Honeymoon Packing List

When packing for your honeymoon, it’s important to remember not to over-pack
or under-pack. You want to bring just the right products for where you’re
going. Depending on the season, weather, and location will depend on what type
of packing list you will need. Here are just a few tips and items that are
essential for just about any honeymoon destination.

Suitcases by Spooky Momma

**What to Bring:** For us ladies, it’s tempting to stuff our whole closet in our suitcases – a girl has to have options, right?! For most occasions, yes. For the honeymoon, less is best. You don’t need 50 tops and 30 shorts, despite what your heart tells you! Here are just a few ideas for you to consider.

* **Casual and Formal Clothes:** Make sure to pack a variation of clothes, both casual and formal. For casual clothes you’ll want to pack:
* 1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs of shorts, a few shirts & tank tops, sandals and tennis shoes.
For a formal outfit (because a sexy dinner date is definitely on the list of
to-do’s on your honeymoon!) you’ll want to bring:

* 1 formal dress (don’t forget a slip!), a pair of heels, a sundress, and accessories.
* **Sun Products:** Buying sun product necessities at the tourist shops and on the cruise is expensive, so make sure you bring everything you need. For a short list, make sure you have:
* Sunglasses
* Sunscreen (bring different SPF’s)
* Aloe vera
* Hats (big, floppy, sexy beach hats are my favorite!)
* **Medicines:** It’s important to bring a little “first-aid kit” on your honeymoon. You want to be able to enjoy every moment, so make sure you’re well prepared. You’ll want to bring:****
* Dramamine (if you’re going to be on a cruise)****
* Advil/Tylenol****
* Allergy meds****
* **Backpacks/Bags:** You will want to bring a smaller, comfy backpack or easy-to-carry beach bag for when you go on long shopping trips or excursions. You can also use these bags to hold all of your souvenirs on your trip home.****
* **Entertainment:** For those Sea Days on the cruise or a relaxed night in your hotel, you’ll want to have something to keep you and your spouse entertained. Bring a book (your nook, kindle, or even a paperback) and a deck of cards.
Bringing the right essentials can really help to pull off an unforgettable
honeymoon trip. Make sure to have all your essentials with you, and enjoy your

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