It’s All About the Icing!

Wedding cakes are for decoration _and_ enjoying! You want to find the perfect
icing that will hold the garnishing, but you also want it to taste _good_.
You’ve heard all the horror stories of wedding cakes tasting like cardboard,
the icing being dry, and the icing décor cracking. Well, not to worry. Here’s
a short list of a few different delicious icings, giving you an idea of what
each one tastes like and what’s good for what! **Fondant** This icing
typically gets a bad rap for tasting nasty. But there are different fondants
out there, one being a marshmallow fondant that tastes good and still gives
your cake the perfect appearance. Fondant is great for those more decadent
cakes. It gives it a classy, chic, smooth, and lovely appearance.

Elegant Vintage Cake by Grace Tari

**Buttercream** This one is my favorite! When I worked at the bakery, this
icing was typically the most common simply because it tastes delicious and you
don’t have to worry about refrigerating it. Buttercream is a little harder to
smooth out, but it can be used to create the decadent, smooth and chic look
that you want. Plus, almost everybody loves buttercream! **Whipped Topping**
This is a delicious, light icing that will give your cake a sweet and dainty
taste. The only downside to whipped topping is you have to keep it
refrigerated. If you don’t, the icing will melt and everything, from
decorations to icing, will be cascading down in a delicious avalanche.
**Whipped Ganache** This is a delightful mixture of sweet, chocolate-y ganache
and the light whipped topping. These two mixed together makes for a delectable
and fluffy icing. (It is chocolate, so remember if you want a white wedding
cake, this probably isn’t the icing for you.) **Royal Icing** This type of
icing is generally used for the actual cake decoration pieces (such as the
tiny flowers, the pearl beads, and so on) but it can be used to decorate the
whole cake. **Marzipan** This is a great alternative to fondant icing. It has
pretty much the same consistency as fondant, but it’s a little more pliable…
and it tastes better! Marzipan has an almond taste to it, effectively erasing
the cardboard flavor that fondant sometimes has. Deciding on the perfect icing
for your cake doesn’t have to seem impossible. One great tip is to make sure
you go cake-tasting – this will give you an idea of what icings you like, what
cake flavors will go best, and so on. Enjoy this “must do” on your to-do list…
it’s the most delicious part!

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