An Irish Wedding on a Budget: Part 2

We’ve already taken a look at just some of the pieces that you need to pull off an Irish wedding! We’ve looked at the groom and groomsmen pieces as well as some advice on your wedding dress. Now, we’ll take a look at bridesmaid dresses and we’ll start looking into DIY Irish decorations that are gorgeous, eye catching, and affordable!

The Bridesmaids: Now, like your dress, you can find a lot of great selections on line. But, unlike your wedding dress, it’s not crucial that they try on a similar style before they order. There are a ton of great bridesmaid dress websites, so I’ll list just a few great ones. * This website does have its selection of higher priced dresses, but if you shop right and use their discounts when they’re offered, you can find some great dresses for much less!

Shamrock Garland by Dizzy Girl

Décor on a Budget: Now we all know that candelabras, lace table runners, and fine china are all gorgeous, but they also all come with a hefty price tag. In order to keep your Celtic wedding on a budget, you’ll need to do a little shopping as well as a little DIY! Here are a few (of the many!) ideas for you to consider!

  • Think lots of greenery, as it pays tribute to the rolling green hills and the breathtakingly gorgeous mountains. So when choosing flowers, think lots of greenery. One great way to save is to purchase imitation flowers rather than live ones – don’t shake your head no just yet! Believe it or not, there are a lot of beautiful fake flowers out there. For you as the bride, your bouquet could be made of real flowers, but have your bridesmaid and all your decoration pieces fake.

  • Horseshoes are known as good luck trinkets, and are definitely an Irish charm. If you know anyone who has horses, ask them if you could have their horseshoes! Also, ask their (or yours) Ferrier if he has any he could spare. If not, you could always check on Ebay for used ones, or for newer, shinier ones, check Amazon!

  • Shamrocks are great too. For wedding favors, you can create jars with the needed ingredients for things like Soda Bread, Irish Breakfast, Irish soda bread cookies, or Irish shamrock cookies and then wrap the top of the jar with twine and a Celtic shamrock!

  • For table lighting, you can purchase inexpensive, short and squatty candles from the Dollar General or Family dollar, and then you can decorate them with little shamrocks or with the Celtic symbol. Add lots of greenery and white flowers and your tables will take your guests right to the lands of Ireland! These are just a few decoration ideas! If you want something a little more in depth, take a peek at the next blog making its way to your computer screen!

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