An Irish Wedding: DIY Wedding Decorations

Ok, now that we have a list of Celtic themed wedding favors, now we can take a deeper look into some great DIY Celtic themed wedding decorations. Remember, lighting is important, so we’ll take a look at some great light fixture ideas!

Table Lanterns by FestivitiesMN

DIY Decorations: This may seem a bit daunting, but truth be told, this could be more fun than you think! We’ll organize decorations by indoor and outdoor, focusing today on indoor decorations. If you’re wedding is outside, the next blog post is just for you! Ok, so, here are some great indoor DIY decoration ideas just for you!

  • Flowers: This is an easy one. If you’re on a budget, a great way to keep things under control is to minimize the actual use of flowers. Instead, opt for buds and lots of greenery. Ireland is known for its green, rolling hills and greenery painting the surfaces of walls, trees, and homes, so a lot of greenery isn’t bad. Opt for Bells of Ireland for your greenery and then throw in some of your other favorites. Place them strategically on a few tables, on the outer arm of every other chair or pew in the church, and then maybe one or two vases of flowers on the serving tables (if there’s room).

  • Lighting: This is a biggie. If you want your guests to be able to see well, especially if your wedding is in the evening, than you will need to take care to make sure your reception room is well lit. Some lighting ideas include:

  • Candles: Short, squatty candles of varying heights are great in clusters. For a little extra Celtic twist, you can adhere a 4-leaf clover or horse shoe on one or two of the candles per table.

  • Lanterns: If you’re indoors, you can place the lanterns on each table. The fun part about lanterns is you can find them at second hand stores. Having a variety of styles and sizes makes your decorations more interesting while remaining consistent.

  • Icicle Lights: You can find inexpensive boxes on Amazon. You can hang these everywhere – the entranceway, above you and your wedding party at the dinner table, even on the front of the serving table(s). Hang them above a few windows and on your favors table even. Remember, the more lighting, the better.

  • Table Cloths and Runners: Your tables need to be covered in order to make it more ornate, attractive, and decorative. If your wedding colors incorporate green at all, you could opt for a deep, emerald green table runner to go over a crisp, white table cloth. Your chairs could be covered in a crisp white cover with an emerald green sash. Another idea is to have emerald green napkins as well. Choose one or two of the table ideas, not all of them. You don’t want to go overboard. Another idea is to do every other table one way or the other, that way you can add a consistent variety. A lot of places that you rent dinnerware from also provide table cloths or runners. If you want both, you can always shop online for bolts of cloth for your table runners, or you can shop on Amazon or EBay for inexpensive runners. These are just a few of the many ideas for decorations that you can consider for your indoor Celtic themed wedding! For those of you celebrating outside, take a look at tomorrow’s blog post and see what’s up!

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