Makeup Tips for the Blushing Bride

You want to look your** **absolute best by enhancing your natural beauty and
showing off your wedding-day glow. Whether you plan on doing your makeup
yourself or having a qualified makeup artist do it for you, there are a few
things to consider. Here’s a short list of tips and tricks to keep in mind!

Getting Ready by Kris Kesiak

**For the Do-It-Yourself Bride:** For all you ladies who are doing your own makeup, I admire you since I wasn’t brave enough! Go for it, but make sure to follow these few simple ideas and tips to ensure flawless makeup for the whole day!

* **Go Heavy: **As a general rule, pictures wash you out. So when applying your makeup, apply it a little heavier than usual. It may feel like too much, but trust me, it’s not!
* **Prime It Up:** Make sure to apply primer before your foundation as this helps to ensure a long lasting wear. Also, eye primer is imperative since this also helps to keep your eye shadow on for the whole day.
* **Cream Blush:** For that blushing bride look, opt for a cream blush. This adds a sheer appearance to your cheeks, making you fairly glow!
* **Enhance Your Eyes:** Opt for eye shadows that enhance your eye color. For example:
* **Blue Eyes:** Light purples are a great color!
* **Green Eyes:** Again, every shade of purple will enhance green eyes.
* **Brown Eyes:** For us lucky brown-eyed beauties, just about any color looks fabulous! Therefore, find colors that enhance your skin and hair color.
* **Luscious Lashes:** Fake eye lashes are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Your eyes will pop and look absolutely fantastic!
* **Waterproof:** Waterproof mascara and eye liner is vital! Use waterproof and waterproof only!
**Make-Up Artists:** For those, like me, who aren’t quite as confident in their makeup applying abilities, go to a makeup artist. They’re fabulously amazing!

* **Trial:** Make sure to schedule a trial long before your wedding day. You want to make sure you know exactly what you want done and by who.
* **Compare:** Get referrals and then compare prices. In the end, choose who you are most comfortable with.
* **Natural Beauty:** Make sure to tell your makeup artist that you want it as natural looking as possible. Enhance your beauty, don’t cover it up.
You want to look your absolute best, so go with a look that you would normally
wear, just a little heavier. Whether you’re the independent, brave beauty or
the dependent makeup lady like me, go for a natural, blushing bride look!

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