March Wedding Madness

March is my absolute favorite time of the year – mostly because it’s the month when my fabulous hubby and I got married. With the month of March comes a thawing of frost, the blooming of flowers, the warm kiss of the sun’s rays on your cheeks; simply put, March is one of the best months to get married in. Between the warming temperature and the blooming flowers, you simply can’t find a more beautiful backdrop or more comfortable time. Since March is marching away, you’re probably on the rush to finish last minute things, such as table cards. So, in order to help you out a bit with ideas and how-to’s, here are some gorgeous and great table placement card ideas for ya!

Floral and Chalkboard Table Number by Gemma Morgan

Table Numbers: First things first – table numbers. There are, literally, hundreds of different table number ideas, but my favorite has to be the floral table numbers, simply because March is a gorgeous time filled with blooms and delicious scents. Here are the directions:

  • What You Need: * small vintage medicine bottles
  • 1 flower per vase- choose a favorite that’s in season such as:
  • Hydrangea Lillium Casablanca
  • Iris Magnolia
  • Wooden round craft sticks
  • Material of your choice
  • Iron-on letters or numbers (if you want to change it up from the widely used numbers, you can place your guests at tables a, b, c, and so on.)

  • **Assembly:** * Snip one flower, leaving the stem ¼ of an inch longer than the bottle

  • Place flower in bottle – add a little water to elongate flowers life (or leave without water)

  • Cut material into triangles, and then wrap around one stick.
  • Iron on table number on each side of material
  • Place completed table number in bottle with flower, place on table, and done!

Table Seating Chart: To continue with that vintage chic, floral theme that we’ve got going on, let’s opt for something like this: a large white board surrounded by your flowers of choice (opt, again, for flowers in season) and toss in a ton of Baby’s Breath. Baby’s Breath is super inexpensive, it’s a gorgeous filler, and it lasts for forever (almost literally) Here are the (generic) directions:

  • What You Need: * Large White Corrugated Sheets
  • White Card Stock in 2 different sizes
  • 1: Medium in size, to have you and your fiancé’s name and wedding date written/typed on (opt for calligraphic text)
  • However many cards you need per table (if you have 7 tables, get 7 rectangular cards and type each person’s name on the cards)

  • **Assembly:** This is pretty self-explanatory and relatively easy. All you need to do is have all the above information printed on each card stock (guests names typed on each card, telling them which table they’re at) and glued to the large white board. After that’s completed, you attach all of the flowers on the edge of the white board. Once that’s finished, if it won’t look too overdone, add simple decoration pieces (like pearls, lace, or whatever else you can think of) on the table cards, underneath the table number. This is just one of many table seating ideas, and it can easily be changed to your preference! It has a vintage chic appeal, so it’s perfect for all you vintage brides!

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