Married Couples and Successful Marriage

**Six Lessons from Married Couples and Successful Marriage**

Want a successful marriage? Do not depend on the single factor of compatibility to keep your marriage great and healthy over the years. In fact, according to many couples in successful marriages, many factors determine if your wedding will weather the sands of time and the trials of life.

**Celebrate the Positive Moments**

Decreased decisive moments rather than increased negative ones cause a significant toll on a marriage. By celebrating the good, taking the time to have lots of fun as well as cultivating your friendship, you will strengthen your marriage.


Successfully married couples learn the importance of clear communication. Just hinting or trying to be passive aggressive in the way you express your appreciation, requests, and displeasure will only hurt your relationship. Because your spouse will not get your point and you will not get the understanding and support and gratitude or apology you desire. Lack of effective communication breeds resentment and undermines your relationship.

**Have Realistic Expectations**

By knowing what you expect from marriage in general and yours in particular as well as learning about both of your needs and deal breakers, you can suffer fewer frustrations stemming from unmet expectations.

**Maintain the Chemistry through Romance, Change, and Affirmations**

Chemistry both sexual and social is the feeling of passion you get when interacting with your spouse in a sexual or just social manner. Married couples should have chemistry to keep their marriage successful. They should also have regular sex and reap the benefits such as a better mood from it. By changing up routines whenever a rut threatens to form, engaging in fun activities together, and keeping the romance alive through loving gestures, you can build appreciation, self-worth and increased satisfaction. This leads to a happier relationship and hence a more successful marriage.

**Maintain Other Relationships Such As Your Friendships and Familial Relationships**

Most married couples tend to disappear into their marriages and neglect the other relationships in their lives. By expecting your spouse to meet all your emotional demands, you can find yourself getting disappointed and frustrated more often as well as overwhelming your spouse. Have interests and support that go beyond your main relationship for a more successful marriage.

**Don’t Allow Your Happiness to Depend Solely On Your Spouse**

While events in your married life, as well as your husband, make you happy, don’t, however, expect your wife happy all the time. Take time and discover what makes you happy and cultivate it so that when the glow of positive moments fades, you remain as happy a person as you normally are.

**Try New Things Together**

Traveling to explore new places and trying out new exciting activities together, allows married couples to keep the passion and rush of desire burning and this will bring them closer as they keep creating amazing positive memories together.

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