Mother and Son Dance Songs

As I watched my best friend search endlessly for a fabulous mother and son
song, I couldn’t help but giggle. Finding the perfect song for your husband
and his mom to dance to can be arduous and difficult (my friend can attest to
this!) so I’ve decided to come up with a list of some popular mother-son dance
songs. There are different genres and styles, giving you a few choices to
choose from! Remember, you want a song that’s accurate (you want it to be a
song that’s right-on with your fiancé’s personality as well as with his
relationship with his mom!) and personal. Don’t stress – there are a billion
(almost literally…) different songs for you to choose from! Here are just a

Mother Son Dance Song by Nick Haskins

**Country:** For you country bumpkin, cowboy and cowgirl, farm loving couples,
there are a ton of different country songs that are perfect for your wedding.
A few artists have created fantastic mother-son songs; in fact, there were so
many, I had a hard time choosing only a few! So, here are a couple of my

* Rascal Flatts- My Wish (my personal favorite!)
* Garth Brooks- The Dance
* Kenny Chesney- Don’t Blink (Honestly, this is probably one of the best selections. It’s truer than true and a super good song!)
* Faith Hill- There You’ll Be
* Trace Adkins- Then They Do
**Oldies:** Ah, classics. Classic songs are a fabulous go-to when looking for particular, meaningful dance songs. You have all kinds of genres, tempos, and styles to choose from, giving you an array of different songs to select. From Elvis Presley to the Beatles, you can’t go wrong with a classic mother-son dance song! Here are just a few of my favorites:

* John Lennon- Beautiful Boy
* Whitney Houston- One Moment In Time (she’s amazing and my favorite classic artist!)
* Elton John- Blessed
* Elvis Presley- The Wonder of You
* Beatles- All You Need is Love
**Others:** This is a collection of different genres and tempos, so you have a great variety to choose from. A great idea to think about is, depending on what type of wedding your having (whether it’s a vintage or a country wedding) you’ll want to choose the appropriate music. But, here’s the clincher – you’ll want to find a song that’s personal to both of you! If you can’t find a song that’s the right genre, don’t worry about it. Just remember, it’s the connection that matters most!

* Christian Barnes- A Gift for You, Mom
* Celine Dion- A Mother’s Prayer (she’s one of my all-time favorite artists)
* Stephen Curtis Chapman- A Parents Prayer
* Michael Jackson- Black or White
Remember, you want to find a song that fits your fiancé and your mother in
law’s personality and relationship! Get their preferences, advice, and
opinions, and then start looking! There are tons of different options out
there, so don’t get lost in the massive lists of mother-son dance songs!

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