A Much-Deserved Spa Day: Manicure Style!

This last season has been full of crazy days, dress shopping, food tasting, and invitation making. You’re exhausted! Just looking back on my 7 month wedding planning rendezvous makes me want to take a nap. Every bride deserves a little pampering in between stamp –licking and dress fittings, so make sure to treat yourself a day or two before your wedding! Get your fingers primped and beautified – they’re going to be the focus of a lot of pictures!

Spa Day by Foundry ParkInn

**Non-French Manicure:** For those of you who want to do something a little different, here are a few non-French manicure ideas!
* **Lace:** My personal favorite! Lace your fingers with a soft white (or colored!) lace design that really gives your fingertips a feminine appeal!
* **Polka Dots:** For the fun, playful, and retro bride, polka-dots are great!
* **Half & Half:** Try going two-toned. Have it in a diagonal pattern, one side white and the other side your wedding color. It’s great for a popping look that really adds pizazz.
* **Accent Nail:** This seems to be the biggest hit these days. Choose one nail on both hands and have it look a little different. Some options include:
* Glitter
* Beads
* Whole finger nail one color
* **Blue:** If you’re still trying to figure out what to do for your something blue, paint your nails a soft, pretty aqua or Tiffany blue!

**French and Fabulous:** There are several French-tipped manicures. Look for a style that best fits your personality!
* **Original:** I’ve always loved the original French manicure- it’s super classy, chic, and elegant.
* **Lined:** Have each finger (or an accent finger) lined with “diamonds”. Or, you could even line the white with a super thin black line. Super posh!
* **Accent:** Again, accent nails are the biggest hit! Try having one of your French-styled nails topped off with a bow for a cute touch!
* **V-Shaped:** My mom is a huge fan of the v-shaped French manicure. It’s just a little different than your original manicure, giving it a sexy pop of style!
* **Colored French Tip:** Instead of the original white, try having your nails tipped in one of your wedding’s accent colors.

**Nail Tip Styles:** There is more than one way to file your nails. Here are a couple ideas:
* Stiletto: Super sexy, new, and definitely edgy!
* Rounded
* Square
* Oval
* Squoval: As the name suggests, it’s a hybrid between square and oval. My personal favorite!

Remember, this is your day to relax and take a breath before the big I-Do’s! Enjoy your time, sit back, relax, and (if the salon offers) have a glass of wine!

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