Music Genres for Different Wedding Themes

We’ve already taken a peek at what songs would be great as first dance songs,
but what about a complete genre type for each wedding theme? There’s a ton (to
say the least…) of different music genres out there and finding the perfect
music genre for your wedding theme can sometimes be a little difficult. You
want people to dance and enjoy themselves, so finding “groovy” music is a
must! Well, not to worry! Here’s a short list of some fabulous genres
organized by wedding theme!

Dance Floor by Krista Guenin

** ****Modern Wedding Theme:** This one is great –
basically every genre that’s newer goes well for a modern wedding theme.
Here’s a list of a few possibilities:

* **Instrumental** – This is great for dancing music. Although there are no words, the tunes themselves are all you need! A great instrumental band (like 2Cellos, The Piano Guys, Paul Cardall, and Escala) will keep your guests swaying all day long!
* **Alternative Rock**
* **Soft Pop**
* **Country Pop**
* **New Acoustic**** **
**Country Wedding Theme:** This one’s probably the easiest theme for choosing music. Here’s a short list of some great country tunes:

* **Contemporary Country:** This is all your newer country songs.
* **Traditional Country:** This is all your classic country tunes – George Straight, for example, is a great traditional country artist.
* **Bluegrass:** This one is great for giving that vintage feel, while still keeping to your country theme.
* **Country Pop:** Taylor Swift and Jason Aldean (to name a few) are great examples of country pop.
**Vintage Wedding Theme:** For your old timey wedding theme, 1920’s music and classic tunes are great options. Here are a couple genres that are great for vintage weddings:

* **Jazz:** There’s a ton of different varieties of Jazz music; from slow to upbeat, you’ll be able to find all the music you need within the Jazz genre.
* **Romantic Classical**
* **Bluegrass:** For a vintage/rustic wedding theme, Bluegrass is great!
**Black Tie Wedding Theme:** For a classy wedding theme, you want to choose classy tunes. Here’s a small list of some great genres to choose from:

* **Classic Wedding Music:** Think your original wedding music tunes. They’re both classy and classic.
* **Jazz:** Again, Jazz is perfect for a black tie wedding. It’s classy and upbeat or slow and romantic – perfect dancing music!
Grab some coffee or wine, have a selection of delicious finger goods, invite
your bridesmaids, and have fun creating your perfect wedding music list!

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