DIY Picture Frame Escort Card Display

_Ok, so this post originally appeared on the blog the month prior to my
wedding, but now that wedding photos are back, I’ve decided to re-vamp this
post to show the complete project, as my initial post just showed the frame —
not the full escort card display. Enjoy! _ One thing I knew all along in my
wedding planning was that I did not want the traditional escort card display
with a bunch of folded cards on a table. I knew I wanted [something a little
unique]( that
I could turn into a fun DIY project for myself, and this was the result…

This was actually a pretty easy project. Here’s what you’ll need:

* Large picture frame (or a few depending on how many escort cards you need to fit)
* Spray paint (unless the frame is already in your desired color)
* Foam core
* Batting (I just used the cheapest, polyester one they had)
* Fabric
* Stapler
* Push pins
* Escort cards (I used gift tags that I embellished with lace)
First, I spray painted all 3 of my frames gold, along with my push pins, as
they didn’t sell gold ones at the store that I went to. After everything was
dry, I started to assemble my display like this…

1. Cut the foam core so that it fits into the frame. If the frame came with a cardboard back, you can use this as a measuring tool.
2. Cut a piece of batting so that it fits around the foam core. I made mine about an inch or 2 longer on each side.
3. Staple the batting to the foam core, making sure it fits very tightly around it.
4. Cut your fabric the same way you did the batting — about an inch or 2 longer on each side.
5. Staple your fabric to the foam core, pulling each side tightly to ensure a snug fit.
6. Take your finished piece of foam core and place it into the frame. It should fit snugly. Use the tabs that normally hold the picture in place to hold your foam core.
7. Pin your escort cards to the display.

And there you have it!** How are you doing your escort card display?** _[First & last photos credited to [Jennie Andrews Photography](]_** **

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