A New Year’s Eve Wedding- Glitz, Glamour, and A Whole New Chapter!

A lot of people think of New Year’s Eve as the horizon of a “new you”, a new start, and a new chapter; what better way to start a new life than to say I do? New Years Eve is a fabulous time to celebrate love, life, and a new beginning, so make sure you start the new year with an unforgettable celebration! Here are a few fantastic decoration ideas, color schemes, and wardrobe pieces that will really make your New Year’s Wedding an unforgettable one!** ** **Decorations:** When you think of New Year’s Eve, you think sparkle, lights, flashy pieces, and tons of balloons and confetti! Why not incorporate that into your wedding? Here are just a few decorating essentials that you should put on your wedding shopping list!

Flowers by Krista Guenin

* **Shimmery, Shiny, and Fabulous:** Love sparkly, shinny, glittery things? Well then, you’re getting married at the perfect time of year! With New Year’s Eve, glitter and shimmer are everywhere, decking everything and everyone! For a glitzy reception hall, try having glittery table runners ( or a full, blown out glittery table cloth – even better!), shiny silver candlesticks, shiny and glittery glass (or plastic) balls, balloons, dazzling chandeliers, and lots of bright flowers! You’ll have your guests mesmerized by the amount of fantastic décor decking your room!
* **Lighting:** Certain light fixtures, such as chandeliers, candelabras, and candles on candlesticks will really give off a warm, ritzy, classy feel to your reception area. Make it even more glitzy by making the light fixtures glittery and gold. Or, for a toner, get flat (non-shimmer) silver or gold fixtures.

**Color Scheme: **Think bright, happy, and bedazzled! You want to go for colors that get people excited not only for the New Year, but for you and your spouse as well! A few color schemes include:
* Gold, red, and white
* Silver, gold, black (in this case, black would tone the silver and gold down – especially if they’re shimmery – all the while keeping it classy and ritzy).
* White, purple, and gold
Although these are only a few color schemes, there are a ton of different shades you could choose from to really brighten your reception and ceremony rooms.

**Wardrobe Essentials:** Again, you want glitzy, but you also want to make sure your wedding party is warm and cozy. December and January are cold months, so you want to make sure everyone is appropriately dressed. For accessories, try having your wedding party wear things like:
* Glitzy headbands for the ladies and glittery bowties for the gentleman
* Flashy shoes for the ladies and bright, cheerful colored stockings for the gents.
* Attention-grabbing costume jewelry for the lasses (necklaces are best, especially if the bridesmaid dresses are simple on the bust area) and shiny cufflinks for the lads.
With the New Year rushing around the corner, the days are filled with lists of changes, resolutions, and better choices, so what better time to celebrate unity than on New Year’s Eve! If you’re celebrating your marriage on New Year’s Eve, make sure to enter the new year in a rush of glitter, shine, and joy!

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