Outdoor Winter Must-Haves

Baby, it’s cold outside! With the snowflakes falling, the grass being blanketed in a white flurry of ice crystals, and Christmas coming around the corner, it’s the perfect time and setting for a gorgeous wintery wedding! If you want to have your reception outside during these winter months, than you will need a few of these decoration and clothing necessities. From gas heaters to cozy jackets, you, your bridal party, and your guests will be cozy and warm! **Food and Drinks:** Having a few of these menu items on your list will keep your guests warm on the inside too! Here are a few ideas:

* **Food:** A few menu must-haves include:
* **S’mores Bar:** Seriously though, who doesn’t love s’mores? Having a fire pit or outdoor gas stoves will make it the perfect s’mores bar. Bring on the chocolate!
* **Caramel Apple Bar:** Another classic favorite, this dessert will keep everyone satisfied. Have a selection of different apples (such as Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, etc…) and delectable caramel.
* **Your Wedding Cake:** This is where the fun begins! You could make you cake pull double duty, using it for food and decorations. Put it on a tree stump stand, add some berries and mini pine cones for decoration and you’ll have a gorgeous centerpiece!
* **Drinks:** Some must-haves include:
* **Hot chocolate bar:** Another absolute favorite! Make sure you have garnishing for looks and extra flavor such as marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, and whipped cream.
* **Apple Cider Bar:** Make it even more festive by using hollowed out apples as cups and cinnamon sticks for taste and garnishing.
* **Coffee Bar:** Have a variety of coffees and creamers to give your guests a selection! Make sure to include both decaf and caffeinated, especially if your wedding is in the evening.
* **Décor:** Decorating for a winter outdoor wedding can be fun! There are so many different unique and fun ideas, that your wedding could be really unique and quaint! Here are a few ideas:
* **Wool Blankets:** Have several wool blankets on chairs, benches, or in baskets to make sure your guests stay cozy warm. It’ll give off a warm, homey feel.
* **Gas Heaters:** Have these down the aisles and in strategic places. If you’re going to have tall tables, make sure you have gas heaters next to them.
* **Fire Pit:** Fire pits are great for keeping people warm and for making s’mores! At a wedding I once attended, a fire was lit and the cozy atmosphere those golden flames elicited made it one of the best weddings I had been to.
* **Attire:** Keeping warm is important when you’re having an outdoor winter wedding! Make sure you and your wedding party are appropriately dressed. Here are some ideas:

Winter Wedding by Amie Fedora

* **Jackets/Shawls/Scarves:** Depending on the temperature will depend on which one’s best.
* **Boots:** I love this idea! Riding boots and a knee-length wool jacket will make for an adorable and unique attire!
* **Long Dresses:** Donning your bridesmaids in long dresses will keep them warm and fashionable!
* **Gloves:** I love gloves. Black or white wool gloves will keep their fingers warm and make a fashion statement!
From a s’mores bar to fur jackets will give your winter wedding a personal,
unique touch! Keep everyone warm and cozy with a few of these winter wedding

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