Wedding Flowers on a Budget

Image Credit: Alvin Mahmudov

**Six Wedding Flowers on a Budget Tips to Create the Day You’ve been Dreaming**

Here at the Plunge Project, we know that planning and paying for your dream day can be overwhelming. Unless you’re pulling out all the stops and able to spend the big bucks on a celebrity-style ceremony, you’re most-likely looking for ways to cut costs. Pulling off a beautiful wedding on a budget takes creativity and research, but once the inspiration hits you, look out! One thing we know for sure is, your flowers don’t have to cost a fortune! We’ve complied the very best tips for creating a bloom-filled wedding on a budget.

Bridal Bouquet by Han ChengTao

1) Avoid the Off-Season: You may have a date in mind, but if your heart is set on sunflowers, a winter wedding may be out. Choosing flowers that are in-season will cut your floral budget in a big way. Thankfully, there are gorgeous options just about any time of year. If a particular bloom is important to you, check with your florist to make sure your pick will fit into your budget.
2) Don’t be Shy: Speaking of your florist, be completely open and honest. Share your budget at your first appointment, and let him know if there is (or isn’t) any wiggle room. A good florist will appreciate and reciprocate your honesty and let you know if your dream flowers are a possibility. Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid to schedule appointments with multiple florists, and ask around for recommendations. Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool in wedding planning!
3) Take the Lead: You will be the star of your special day, so be sure to focus on your bouquet first. Bridesmaid bouquets and accents flowers for your ceremony are important too, but once you walk down that aisle, all eyes will be on you. Depending on your tastes, you can accent with non-floral items, such as feathers, to bulk up bouquets and arrangements on a budget.
4) Double Your Money: One of the best wedding flower-savvy tips I stumbled across was to let your arrangements pull double-duty. After the ceremony, enlist a few friends to move your flowers from the ceremony space to the reception area. This money-saving tip could cut your floral budget in half. 5) Consider the Venue: Depending on your location, an outdoor venue may be ideal for the bride on a budget. A naturally beautiful backdrop means not having to go all-out with flowers and décor.
6) Don’t Skimp too Much: Keep in mind that your wedding day will be a whirlwind, but your photographs will allow you to relive the day for years to come. Your flowers will be a big part of your day… and your photos. It will be obvious if you go from budget-conscious to full-blown thrifty.

Backyard Ceremony Bouquet by Leah

Pluck one – or all- of these tips, and use them to create the day you’ve been dreaming of without the stress of going beyond your flower budget. You don’t have to spend like a superstar in order to put on a beautiful wedding.

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