Customized Wedding Invitations

Long before your wedding day, you begin to set the scene. Brides-to-be go dress shopping, couples pick a venue and theme, and friends and family begin to feel the excitement of your upcoming nuptials. Once the countdown begins, save-the-date announcements are mailed, followed by the oh, so important invitation! If you’re looking to create unique, memorable wedding invitations to set your special day apart, we’ve found the perfect website!

Basic Invite offers impeccable stationery options for your wedding unlike any other. What sets Basic Invite apart? Customers are offered almost unlimited color options with instant online previews. And once you select your desired design, you are able to change the color of individual elements on the cards with over 160 color options! This ensures that you are designing your invitations down to the tiniest detail.

Here at The Plunge Project, we know those little details are incredibly important when you are planning your perfect day. We fell in love with Basic Invite for several reasons… one of which being their custom samples. This is incredible! You can design and order a printed sample of your actual wedding invitation. That means you get to see exactly how your invite will look in print and feel the quality of their amazing stationery before you place a full order. And when you are ready to order invitations for all of your guests, the process will be stress-free, because you know exactly how your cards will look and feel when you receive them. This service is priceless!

As if uniquely designed invitations and custom samples aren’t enough, Basic Invite takes their unmatchable services a step further. Each of their wedding invitations are part of a matching set, so brides can keep the same design on the Save the Date, Wedding Invitation, RSVP, Direction Card, Reception Card, Accommodations, Registry, Menu, Program, and Thank You Card. Do you see why we fell for Basic Invite?

We know wedding planning can be stressful. That’s why we continue to bring you new, innovative ideas to simplify the process and allow you to create the wedding of your dreams. Basic Invite is a perfect example of this. We guarantee that the excitement of playing with colors and details on their website will inspire you to infuse everything you love into your wedding day. You get one chance to create your perfect wedding. Customize it!

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