Destination Wedding: Visit Your Destination

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s a huge, major factor when planning a
destination wedding. Reason being, you want know the exact layout of your
venue; you want to know if this room is big enough for the food, if that room
is big enough for you and your bridesmaids to get ready in, and if the aisle
is down the center of the church or to the sides. Things like that can make a
huge difference in your planning and decoration, so take the time and put
aside the necessary funds to visit your venue at least twice before the
wedding date. Here are a few things for you to consider when visiting your
wedding venue!

Wedding Planner by Eleonora Gianinetto

**Talk to Your Wedding Planner:** This is a
biggy. Because you’re not right there all the time to make sure everything is
going as you want it, you and your wedding planner need to be on the same
page, same paragraph, and same sentence. There should be no questions
whatsoever, and if there are, make sure to iron out those wrinkles way ahead
of time. Take the time and the hours needed to visit your ceremony and
reception rooms and make a blueprint of sorts to show where you want certain
decorations and so on. Also, make sure that your wedding planner is well aware
of what all you need and want – what type of food you expect, the style of the
wedding, what type of music/musicians that are needed and so on. Don’t leave
your wedding planner guessing. Of course, some of these things can be done via
Skype, the phone, and emails, but seeing the venue in person can really help
to decide exactly how you want everything. **Visiting Your Venue:** When you
visit your venue, there are a few things that you should keep in mind and a
few questions that you should ask. Here are a couple tid-bits and tips:

* What rooms do they have available? Will they fit all of your guests comfortably?
* Is the wedding package flexible, meaning can you change your food menu, your DJ, and the photographer?
* How much of a deposit is required to save your date?
* What packages do they provide and what are the differences?
* How many weddings have been hosted at that particular venue? Do they have pictures of previous weddings? Also, is there someone you could talk to who has been married there or was a guest at a wedding?
**How Often and When Should You Visit Your Venue?** Like I mentioned before, try to visit your venue at least one to two, if not three, times before your wedding commences. Visit your venue once you’ve settled on a place, and then visit at least one month in advance (if not two months) to make sure everything is in place, flowers are being ordered, a salon is found and booked, and so on. Your last visit should be your roundup – everything is done except for the “I do’s”! Now that we’ve taken a gander at everything destination wedding, hopefully you’ll be feeling a little more confident! Destination weddings are fun, exciting, unique, and unforgettable, so enjoy every moment of the planning process, and of course, every moment of your vacation!

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