A Perfect Christmas Wedding Dinner Menu

We’ve already decided that food is the best part of any and every wedding, so make sure to really treat your guests with a few Christmas favorites! Whether it’s roast beef and fancy mashed potatoes or ginger bread cookies, you can really give your guests a treat of a lifetime with a few of these delicious Christmas must-have food items! Throw in a couple Christmas drink must-haves and you’ll have your guests stuffing their tummies and satisfying their taste buds! **Christmas Food Must-Haves:** When you think of a Christmas feast, you think steamy hot meats and side dishes topped with amazing gravies and finished with soft cookies or sweet pies. If you want the perfect Christmas menu, here are a few ideas just for you!

* **Appetizers:** Appetizers are pretty important since they keep your guests occupied and satisfied as you and your party take care of all the post-wedding photos. A few fab ideas include:
* **Cranberry sauce-** this is a staple must-have!
* **Crackers and Cheese:** Opt for something elegant such as white cheddar and rosemary crackers and a delicate cheese.
* **Caprese D’Amore:** This is delicious, easy, and a perfect appetizer. One of my favorites by far.
* **Dinner Menu:** Think warm, steamy, hearty, and Christmas-y. A few fabulous ideas include:
* **Squash Soup:** It’s warm, delicious, and super easy. I love this one!
* **Roast Beef:**
* **Lemon-Dijon Slaw**
* **Potato Dough Rolls:** Gotta have soft, buttery rolls to sop up the juices from the fantastic meat!
* **Mashed Potatoes:** Top with basil to make it look classy!
* **Green Beans:** Spruce it up by cooking it with pancetta, shallots, and salt and pepper! It’s different and delicious! Or, if you’d rather have a staple green bean side dish, opt for green bean casserole!****

* **Desserts: **Who doesn’t love dessert? Have a few dessert options such as:
* **Apple/Pumpkin Pie**
* **Butterscotch Pudding with Whipped Cream**
* **Cookies: **Have a variety of cookies such as ginger bread cookies, molasses cookies (I make these every year and they’re a HUGE hit!) and sugar cookies.

* **Drinks:** Have a few different warm drinks and iced drinks to keep your guests cozy and satisfied! A few favorites include:
* **Hot Chocolate:** If you want to have fun with this, have a hot chocolate bar with a variety of cocoa flavors, bowls of marshmallows, and cans of whipped cream!
* **Hot Apple Cider:** Add a spiced rum or leave it virgin, either way, it’s a family favorite and a staple Christmas drink!
* **Citrus and Rosemary Spritzer**
* **Eggnog:** This is my favorite! Like the apple cider, you could spike it with spiced rum such as Captain Morgan or Bacardi.
* **Water with Citrus Slices:** Oranges, cucumbers (I order this every time I go to a restaurant – it’s refreshing and delicious!) or lemons.

From hot soups to cool citrus-y water, you can keep your guest’s tummies full and satisfied with a few of these original or staple Christmas wedding food items! Have a variety of different foods and drinks to keep each of your guests happy! Like I said, the dinner is the best part of each wedding, so have a variety of Christmas staples!

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