Prioritize Your List: Part 2!

Ok, so we’ve seen the first part of the list of to-do’s and you probably started freaking out a bit. Please, don’t stress. I planned my wedding in 7 months, and I had about 150-160 guests. If I can do that, so can you… trust me. So, here’s the rest of your to-do list, and once you have everything accomplished, you can breathe! One major piece of advice I gave my beautiful best friend when she was planning a wedding, and a piece of advice I’m about to give you is – take a week off from work and b_reathe._ Finish the last bits of your wedding planning and then stop. Stop worrying, stop planning, stop fretting, and stop doing. Go get a pedicure, eat some cake, take a bath, and go on a date. Seriously though, you need to take a break after this whirlwind of pure crazy planning. Enjoy! Now, onto your to-do list… **More To-Do’s: We’ve discussed how you need to start with a budget plan and then we ended with deciding where to honeymoon. Here’s the rest of your generalized to-do list: * Wedding Cake Tasting: Find a place where you want to get your [wedding cake]( and grooms cake made and then try a few flavors. There are tons of great ideas out there and so many different flavors of cake and icings, the combinations and flavors are endless!

Wedding Cakes by Ridha

  • Invitation Styles: Find a wedding [save-the-date and invitation]( that you like and decide on the wording. Find out where you want to buy them, and about 3 months before the wedding, send out your save-the-date. Then, a few weeks before the wedding, send out the invite.

Wedding Invitations by UglyKitty

  • Book Rehearsals: Book your rehearsal locations way ahead of time to make sure that you have the space. Most times, venues include rehearsal hours into the hours that you’re renting the venue for (usually 8) so you don’t have to worry about it, but just double check and make sure. * Find Your Linen Lady: Find a great store where you can rent your linens. These places usually have all your dinnerware, linens, napkins, and so on, so you’ll be good. * **Favors:** Decide on what kind of [favors]( you want and then either start shopping for the materials to make them or start looking for places to order them!

Wedding Favors by antaresjhw

  • **Trials:** Set up a date for your hair and makeup trails. You want to make sure you do this well in advance, usually a couple months before your wedding so you can schedule other appointments as needed. * Confirm Dates: Call all your vendors, peoples, and your wedding planner to make sure everything is going as planned. Make sure there are no bumps in the road and everything is ironed out. * Rehearsal Dinner Invites: Go ahead and send out the rehearsal dinner invites to make sure everyone has that date set aside. * **Licenses:** Get your marriage license, passport, and [any other documents]( you need to have in hand.

Marriage License by april

  • Rings n Things: Make sure you have the engagement rings ready and sized. Those are kind of important!

Wedding Rings by photodriven

  • Charts n Stuff: Create your seating chart and your seating numbers. The sooner, the better. * Wedding Vows: Make sure you and your fiancé have your wedding vows (if you’re doing your own) all written, proof read, and done. Woohoo! Almost done! * **Pack!** Pack for your [honeymoon](! Do this about a week before the wedding so you have everything done and set aside before the haze of hurried finalizations sets in. This is a pretty rough checklist, but it’s a starter! Make sure that you have everything set and finalized the week before your wedding! The sooner everything is completed, the better. Just make sure you relax, enjoy, and breathe! Leave a comment for me and all the other readers if you come across any need-to-know ideas and tips!

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