The Pros and Cons of a Wedding Planner

We all know how downright stressful it can be to plan a wedding. You spend
hours, days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years making sure every “t” is
crossed and every “I” is dotted. From juggling revenue dates to bargaining
flower costs, your days and weekends are spent mulling over every little
detail. If you want to lower the stress levels of wedding planning, than
hiring a wedding planner may be just the thing for you! Wedding planners do
all the work for you – depending on how much leverage you give them. With
every good thing comes a few negatives, so here’s a general idea of the pros
and cons of hiring a wedding planner.

Wedding Planner by Eleonora Gianinetto

**The Pros of a Planner:**
Let’s face it – they’re a whole lot more experienced than you are. In fact, some have been doing this for over ten years. They know how to deal with all the ins and outs of a wedding. They keep things smooth and perfect. Having a wedding planner may be just what you need for smooth sailing! With a wedding planner, you definitely don’t have to stress nearly as much. A huge weight has been taken off your shoulders, and you can rest assured knowing that your wedding will go pretty near perfectly. Not only that, but a wedding planner also keeps things organized. They make sure that the napkins are the right color, the seating charts are perfect, the music is played at the right time, and your guests get seated at their proper tables. If there are any issues, the wedding planner is responsible for resolving it quickly and efficiently. You and your fiancé can dance the day away without any worries! The best part? You can hire a planner whenever you need! Whether it’s from the very beginning, a couple months before, or even the day of, a wedding planner can help you whenever you need and with whatever you want. Being flexible is an understatement! **The Cons of a Planner:** With the good comes the negative, as with everything. A wedding planner is incredibly beneficial, but lets be honest, if you’re more on the controlling side and like to have a hand in all the plannings and going on’s, than a wedding planner probably won’t work for you. With a wedding planner, you’re giving them the reins and you’re taking a step back. If you like to be in the middle of the planning process, than a wedding planner probably isn’t ideal for you. They may help you with everything (literally), but they’re also expensive. On average, a wedding planner costs around $3,200. If you want to hire a full time wedding planner, they cost anywhere from $5000-$10,000. If you’re on a budget, a planner probably isn’t financially reasonable. A wedding planner, if you can afford one, is probably one of the best things for you to consider. They do everything for you, making sure your wedding day is nothing but perfect! If a wedding planner is in your budget, than most definitely look into finding one!

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