Quirky Colors for the Quirky Bride

Check out [The Boldest Lip Colors for the Boldest Beauties](http://www.mode.com/stories/the-boldest-lip-colors-for-the-boldest- beauties/9392102) by Cierra Cline at Mode

We’ve seen a lot of different traditional how-to’s as far as makeup and hairstyles go. Well, what about those of you who have a unique, quirky style preference! If you want bold, beautiful, and bodacious, than here are some pretty fantastic lip color ideas just for you!

Bold Lips for the Lass: Most traditional brides opt for something that’s softer and natural. If you want something that’s out-of-this-world, than take a look at some of these ideas!

  • Vivacious Reds: Red lipstick seems to be one of the hottest lip color trends today. Makeup artists and stylists are coming up with colors and ways for everyone (redheads included!) to wear red, and it’s absolutely incredible. Being a redhead myself (unfortunately not naturally, but hey, a girl can try) and having the option to wear red lipstick is an absolute dream! Here are just a few of the hottest red lipstick colors for you to try on your wedding day!

Red Lipstick by Mariam Boabbas

  • Candy Apple Red: This is simply too hot to trot. I absolutely _love_ bold red lips. It adds a pop of pizazz, bringing a lot of color to your whole look. It really emboldens your whole style, making you look hot, sassy, and incredibly sexy!

  • Tips: As a tip, use a liner that matches your actual lip color, not your lip_stick_ color.

  • Neon Red: This one is kind of like the Candy Apple Red, but a bit brighter, a little bolder. It’s absolutely fantastic for that eye catching “wow!” factor.

  • Tip: If you’re going to have bold lips, tone it down on everything else, like your eye makeup and hair style. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing stage makeup.

  • Orange-y Red: This takes on a whole new level when it comes to lipsticks. It has a little bit of an orange hue to it, making it a fabulous color.

  • Tip: This shade of lipstick is best used for those with a medium skin tone. For a sexy “BAM!” to your makeup, this is the color for you!

  • Maroon Red: I think this is my favorite shade of red. It’s still a bold color, but it’s not your Candy Apple Red kinda bold.

  • Tip: This is an awesome color for those of you with darker skin tones. It’s super complimentary, sexy, and very chic.

  • Perfect Plum: Plum is another bold color that’s taking the stage in 2015. It’s a darker shade that really complements out your skin tone. For those of you who want a bold, darker color, this is definitely the color you want to go for.

  • Tip: Wear concealer under your lipstick. This will ensure that you lipstick will stay a whole lot longer. The longer, the better.

Purple & Pink Lipsticks by Maria Morri

  • Prissy Pink: Think hot, bold pink, not your neutral pink. This is a gorgeous color that makes you look sassy, sweet, and super sexy. This is a bold color that will really draw attention to your gorgeous, glowing face.

  • Tip: If you want long lasting lip color, opt for a lip stain, rather than a lipstick. There are tons of different colors, brands, and types of stains, so your choices and options are endless. Now that we have a few awesome shades of lipsticks and stains you can choose from, go ahead and start shopping and looking around! Make sure to visit a good makeup store with helpful clerks so they can show you all the different (right shades!) of lipsticks you can choose from. Make sure to leave a comment for me to let me know what shade of lipstick you chose!

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