A Rustic Wedding

Rustic wedding themes seem to be a popular trend in 2014. From simplistic
beauty to austere elegance, you simply can’t go wrong with a rustic wedding!
There is so much you can do with decorations, color schemes, photo shots,
wedding attire, and anything else you can think of, that you can easily add
your own twist and personal touch. I absolutely love rustic country outdoor
weddings – so much so, that mine was an outdoor wedding, boots and horse drawn
carriage included! Here are just a couple tips and ideas for pulling off the
perfect rustic wedding! **Tips:** Let nature speak for itself with rustic
weddings. Wildflowers, hayfields, rolling hills, chirping birds, and a
glorious sky are all the backdrop you need to wow your guests. So don’t
overwhelm your ceremony and reception area with too many pieces.

Wildflowers by Allegro Photography

* **Flowers:** Again, let nature speak for itself. Use wildflowers and berries for your boutonnieres, your bouquet, your bridesmaid’s bouquets… wherever you have flowers, use wildflowers!
* **Ceremony & Reception:** If nature permits and the weather allows, try going for an all-outdoors wedding and reception. For the food area, rent a large white tent to keep leaves and limbs out of the dishes. (Depending on where you’re hosting the reception, a tent might come with the package.)
* **Outside Decorations:** I love lanterns and candles, string lights and candelabras. Lanterns on the tables and hanging string lights (if possible) will add a fairy tale touch to the atmosphere.
* **Signs:** Opt for pallets as signs. This adds a rustic, natural, humble, country touch to the whole scheme. Paint the words in your accent colors and call it perfect!
* **Food:** You want to stick with outdoorsy type foods. Stick with the theme of your rustic country wedding. Keep the food colorful, using an array of different vegetables, meats, sides, and desserts. Some food options include:
* vegetables (green beans & carrots for example)
* corn on the cob
* mashed potatoes
* In season fruit
* BBQ pulled pork
* grilled steak or chicken
* Pies (pumpkin, apple, and sweet potato pies are great fall pies)
The trick is to stick to the theme of your wedding. Using all rustic
decorations to enhance the natural beauty surrounding you and your guests will
really give off the perfect aura of cozy country and chic allure. From
delicious in-season fruits to primitive lit lanterns, you can easily create
the perfect rustic wedding!

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