A Seaside Wedding

Soft sand sifting beneath your feet in a soothing crunch as you walk down the
make-shift aisle, the pungent smell of sea salt wafting through the air on the
wings of a gentle breeze, and birds singing with the soft tunes of your
processional music – the beach is a magical and captivating place to get
married! If you’re having a seaside wedding, here are just a few tips and
decoration ideas for you!

Beach Wedding by Roberto Carlos Pecino Martinez

**Tips:** As beautiful as a beach wedding is, there are a few things you should take into consideration to make it more comfortable and practical for you and your guests.
* **Attire:** For you and your bridal party, opt for light dresses and tuxedos; you don’t want anything heavy or cumbersome. Follow the beach’s example – go light, breezy, airy, and natural!
* **For your guests:** Have a couple baskets of inexpensive plastic sandals that your guests can wear if they choose. This gives them the option to save their expensive shoes from the sand and wear something a little more practical and comfortable. Also, a shell- styled fan is great for keeping the heat at bay.
* **Backup Plan: **The weather is unpredictable at best and volatile at worst. Have a backup plan in case things go awry and you need shelter from major wind, rain, or lightening. A tent or an indoor reception area are two great options.** **

**Decoration:** You can have a lot of fun with color schemes and decorations when you have a seaside wedding. Play up the colors and accentuate the beach’s natural beauty!
* **Colors:** A soft-hued color palette is usually the best choice for a beach wedding. You can opt for various shades of soft pinks, pale yellows, sea greens, sky blues, or faded oranges.
* **Décor:** Here are just a few ideas when it comes to seaside wedding décor:
* Nautical is the new favorite these days! With a nautical theme, you can opt for decoration ideas such as stripes (chevron or straight) and anchors.
* If you want something more traditional, than go with various types of sea shells. (Make sure to choose one theme and stick to it so you don’t overwhelm and take away from the beach’s naturally stunning décor.)

A beach wedding will really set the tone for your romantic day. With just the right decoration pieces, back up plans, and attire, a whimsical beach setting will be perfect for you and your spouse to say “I do!”

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