See My Venue: L&N Train Station

_The “Meet My Vendors” series is my attempt to help other East Tennessee
brides choose wedding vendors. This series presents my dead honest reviews of
the people who made my big day possible. _ Okay, okay…so you can’t really
“meet” a venue, but I guess I should have thought of that before I named this
series 😉 Built in 1905, L&N Station served as a passenger train station
until 1968 before being renovated for the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville. It
currently serves as office and event rental space. And for me, the L&N was
my perfect all-in-one wedding venue!

The building was beautifully restored and still looks much like I would imagine it did in the early 1990’s. Everything about it is so vintage and so elegant. According to [Wikipedia](, Knoxville’s L&N Station was considered by some to be the “finest” along the L&N’s entire Cincinnati–Atlanta line…and one step inside will show you why people would say that. All the little details of the building are immaculate — from the stained glass, to the chandeliers, to the floor tile. The L&N was my dream venue…

Michael and I were married on the Station’s
back veranda, overlooking World’s Fair Park. It was a pretty cool fall day,
but because the veranda is pretty enclosed, it really didn’t feel that cold —
_maybe that was my adrenaline though ;)_ And the fall colors of the park made
for an amazing backdrop of our ceremony…

Can I also mention the architecture of the building made for some of my absolute favorite photos?!

To book an event at L&N Station, contact the [Foundry]( However, you better act fast. Word on the street is that the L&N is becoming a magnet high school in the fall and will only host events for another few months (which honestly makes me want to cry). Although, I guess I could send my kids there one day 😉 _[Photos by [Jennie Andrews Photography](]_

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