Sensually Seaside: A Wedding by the Ocean

An ocean-side wedding is probably one of the most beautiful, romantic, and memorable places to say I-Do. In fact, you don’t need a whole lot of décor to spice up the ceremony or reception area – the curling waves, singing birds, soft white sands, and multi-colored sea shells do all the decorating for you! But of course, you still want to add a touch here and there for decorations and attire! So, here are a few of my absolute favorite ideas!

Attire: Now when it comes to a beach wedding, you want to go as minimalistic as possible without going too far (birthday suits not permitted…) So, with that in mind, here are a few great ideas that really add to your attire!

Seashell Tiara by Faylyne

  • A Seashell Tiara: I came across this idea a few days and go and absolutely fell in love! Instead of your traditional crystal and pearl-studded tiara, opt for a gorgeous sea-shell and pearl laden tiara! Here’s the how to:

  • What You Need: Gather these few materials and get ready to start!

  • Plastic tiara – you can find one for super cheap at your local Dollar General or Family Dollar.

  • Chenille Stems

  • Hot Glue Gun and glue
  • Seashells of your choice – have fun with this and go seashell hunting on your local beach! (just make sure to clean them before placing them on your head…)
  • Decoupage with a glitter finish
  • Paints & paintbrushes
  • Glitter

  • What To Do: Now that we have a list of items you need, here’s how to make your gorgeous seashell tiara!

  • Clean your seashells by leaving them in a bucket of water and bleach.

  • Paint your seashells – this is up to you. You can either paint them with your choice of colors or leave them all natural.
  • To prep your tiara, take off all the gems and any fuzzy stuff that may be on it. Then, go ahead and wrap the whole tiara with your chenille stems (gold, baby blue, or silver are all great colors to wrap it in!)
  • Now, if you want to add a little pizazz to your seashells, coat them with decoupage (if you painted them, wait to put the decoupage on until AFTER the paint has dried) and then dip them in glitter.
  • Lastly, assemble the seashells the way you want and voila! You have a gorgeous seashell tiara!

  • Centerpieces: Ok, these are just a few of my absolute favorite ideas!

Seashells in a Vase by Mickey Marino

  • Vases and Shells: This is a great idea. Get large crystal vases, fill the bottom (about 1-2 inches) with sand, top with a variety of seashells (about 2-3 inches thick) and then place a candle in the middle. Place one large seashell (like a star fish, small oyster, etc…) as a “centerpiece” within the centerpiece. It’s a masterpiece!

  • Mason Jars and Sand: Mason Jars are my absolute favorite things to decorate with, use, and drink out of! So, for you Mason Jar lovers like me, fill the bottom with white beach sand, and then place a floating candle on top. Place the jars on a super chic ceramic serving platter like this and you’re good to go! (you can find less expensive platters like those ones on websites like,, and even Target.)

  • Conch Shell and Roses: Basically, set your conch shell up on a flat surface (like a square mirror, for example) and then place white roses and another flower of choice in the opening. It is absolutely stunning and super unique!

Roses and Conch Shells by E.J.

These are just a few of my absolute favorite ideas. Since there are so many fabulous ideas, you can look for some more great seaside wedding decorations on tomorrows blog post!

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