Your Something Blue

At a loss for what to use as your something blue? If you’re anything like me,
I was definitely scrounging around, looking for the perfect “something blue”
accessory. Don’t panic though! Here’s a short list of some fabulous ideas for
you to consider!

Blue Garter by DIY Gifts Studio

* **Shoes: **This is a popular choice for many brides. There are several options for blue shoes, such as:****
* **Entire Shoe:** Look for bold blue heels, ballet flats, or even cowboy boots!****
* **Blue Underneath:** For those who don’t want your entire shoe being blue, look for heels with a blue sole. It’s subtle and cute!****
* **Shoe Clips:** For minimal blue, opt for blue shoe clips. Cute, minimal, and perfect!****
* **Clothing:** Talk about options! If you’re looking for something blue in the clothing department, there are tons of different options for you to choose from. A few options include:
* **Your Garter:** This was my something blue, and I loved it! It was the perfect touch.****
* **Blue Dress Label:** Sew on a dress label that has you and your grooms name and wedding date sewn onto the inside hem of your dress. It’s perfect for that personal touch. ****
* **Corset:** For those who need a corset under their dress, a blue corset is fun, sexy, and perfect! It adds the perfect touch and makes it fun for your groom later on!****
* **Blue Dress:** Since 2015 dress styles are seeing bold colors for the entire dress, you could opt for a light blue wedding dress to be your something blue! It’s unique, bold, fun, and incredibly stylish. ****
* **Sash:** If you don’t want to go as dramatic as a full, blown out blue dress, go for a blue sash instead. It adds the perfect, classy touch. Also, it helps to accentuate your waistline. ****
* **Pretty Petticoat:** If you’re getting a Cinderella, ball gown styled wedding dress, have the inside tulle dyed blue! Talk about a peep of fun, quirky style!****
* **Jewelry and Accessories**: From blue necklaces to fun and sexy blue panties, there are tons of blue accessories you could choose from. Here are just a few ideas!****
* **Blue necklace, earrings, and/or bracelet**: There are so many different options for you to select from, that it’s impossible to run out of blue jewelry options!****
* **Brooch**: This is fantastic for either your hair or bouquet. A blue brooch could also double as your something old or borrowed. I love it when accessories pull double duty!****
* **Blue Floral Headband /Crown**: For the bohemian bride, this is perfect. Who doesn’t love a floral headband?****
* **Perfume**: Yes, believe it or not, there’s a perfume out there that’s perfect for your subtle something blue! It’s called Something Blue by Oscar de la Renta. Keep them guessing with this perfect something blue!****
* **Other**: From makeup to nail polish, there are tons of fun options! Here are a few:****
* * **Ribbon For Your Bouquet**: This adds the perfect touch!****
* **Nail Polish**
* **Handkerchief:** Personalize it by having it monogrammed!
There are a ton of fun and unique options for your something blue, so don’t
fret when wondering what to do!

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