Style Me Pretty – The Wedding Cake Version!

Ah, wedding cakes! I love everything about wedding cakes – they’re gorgeous, scrumptious, and absolutely superb! The best part about a wedding cake is you can really make it your own by styling and decorating it however you want. There are tons of different artsy options out there, making it a little easier for you to go traditional or be original! **Tiered Cupcakes:** Instead of the traditional 3-tiered cake, you could go original and have tiered cupcakes instead! This option is great for giving you the freedom to choose several different flavors, appealing to everyone’s taste buds! For example, if you wanted to have 4-tiers, place each flavor (such as red velvet, vanilla, and chocolate) on its own level, saving the top tier for your mini round cake – the one you and your husband get to eat on your one year anniversary (I mean, come on… who doesn’t like freezer-burnt year old cake in remembrance of your wedding day?) **Many Minis:** This is a great idea for changing up the cake routine. Have several mini cakes (about 7-8 inches in size) placed on different leveled tiers, giving it a separated yet chic appearance. Plus, with the mini cakes you can splurge on flavors! From carrot cake to almond-vanilla and red velvet, your options are endless. **Traditionally Tiered:** The tiered cake is an excellent choice for going traditional. Tiered cakes are different than stacked – a tiered cake has the pillars, spacing each individual section. These cakes are gorgeous and can be tiered however you like. From as few as two-tiers to as many as 6, you can vary your heights, sizes, and designs of each tier. Traditionally, a 3-tiered cake will feed about 150-200 people, depending on if you have a round tiered cake or a square tiered cake (the square tiered cake will feed more guests). **Savory and Stacked:** ****Stacked cakes are gorgeous as well, and you can choose between round or square. Stacked cakes are when each layer is placed directly on top of the other with stands _inside _the cakes to prevent a tragic collapse.

Wedding Cake by Eileen Rivard

Depending on how many people
you need to feed (and if you want left overs), ask your cake decorator what
size each layer needs to be. Have fun with your wedding cake! Make it as
traditional or original as you want, making your cake stand out among the rest
of the delicious delicacies!

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