The 411 on Accessories: How & What to Wear on Your Big Day

When it comes to completing your wedding ensemble, it’s important to remember your accessories. Your dress is definitely the statement piece when it comes to your outfit, but having just the right accessories can really set it off and make your dress that much more wowing, glamorous, beautiful, and couture. So, if you’re looking for some of the hottest trend-setting accessory pieces, than you’ve come to the right place!

Statement Chandelier Earrings by Natalia Photos

  • Earrings: There are so many different types of earrings out there, but depending on your dress, your earrings can really make a statement. But, make sure you choose the right earrings so your ensemble isn’t too glitzy. For example, – High-neck dress: If your dress has a gorgeous, high-neck collar, than you’ll want to steer clear from drooping, glamourous earrings. Instead, you’ll want to opt for smaller statement pieces, something like a gorgeous stud earring or a tiny loop. – Jazz It Up: If you really want to jazz up your earrings, you can mix up the colors. For example, if you have two of the same styled earrings but different colors, wear one of each color. That will give you a fashionable & creative, yet put-together look. – Sleeveless & Simple: If your dress is sleeveless, than you can really have fun with your earrings. Choose a really long, shoulder grazing earring with an eye-catching design to really pump up your attire. – Jazz It Up: For a little bit more of a statement, choose dramatic chandelier styled earrings, like a Phoebe Philo Celine inspired piece. Of course you don’t have to pay the name brand price, but you can find great, inexpensive pieces at your local shops or online.

Pearl & Diamond Necklace by Mercury Jane

  • Necklace: This is probably one of the easiest statement pieces you’ll find. Depending on your type of dress, you can really jazz it up with a haute necklace or give your dress a kiss of perfection with a smaller piece. Here are some ideas for you: – Dress Type: Depending on your dress, again, will depend on what type of necklace you should wear. If your dress is super bedazzled on the bust area, than you’ll want to avoid gaudy necklaces. Too much is simply too much. But, if you have a simpler dress, than feel free to go as big, fashionable, and eye catching as you want! – Stay in Style: Remember, your necklace is an accent piece, which means you’ll want to stay within the same style category. For example, if you’re theme is more of a country chic wedding, a gorgeous cross necklace is a great accent piece (which is what I did!). But if your wedding is a little more black tie, opt for diamonds or pearls (or a mixture of both!) I personally love this necklace from Charming Charlies; it’s both glamorous, classy, and perfect for a beach-themed wedding! – Tip: You can find GREAT pieces for inexpensive at stores like Charming Charlies. They are my personal favorite! No matter what color or style your wedding is, Charming Charlies has it all, and it’s all organized by color (which is probably why I like it so much… my mini OCD just loves the organization of that store).

Grace Kelly Pearl & Diamond Bracelet by Mercury Jane

Bracelets: Now here’s where you can be bold without being too afraid of overdoing it. Of course you can still overdo it if your bracelet outdoes your dress in jewels, but you can still have fun (in moderation) with your bracelets. Again, a few of my favorites are from Charming Charlies. You really can’t go wrong with bracelets! For example, this piece is perfect; it’s a statement without being to audacious. But if you want color, you can choose a bracelet that brings in your wedding’s color scheme. Simple, yet perfect. So remember, when you’re pairing your accessories, remember not to overpower your dress. Keep it simple, stately, and classy!

For You Shabby Chic Lady’s – A DIY Garter Must-Try!

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by Cierra Cline at Mode

Garter by !Koss

So, we’ve taken a look at how to make a gorgeous floral crown for your boho/shabby chic wedding, and it was about as easy and inexpensive as it gets. Not to mention it’s the perfect accent piece that just screams gorgeous, fabulously country, chic and perfect! Well, I have another fabulous DIY that you’re gonna love – your wedding garter! Now, we’ve also taken a look at some ideas for your “something blue” and a garter was one of the ideas. Going with that, we’ll go ahead and see how to make your “something new” AND “something blue”! Killin’ two birds with one stone… I like it! What You Need: Ok, you can probably tell by now that my favorite craft stores are Michaels and Hobby Lobby (especially Hobby Lobby), which means most of your materials will and can be found at one of those two stores. Of course you can find them other places as well (like Joann’s Fabrics, Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc…) so do a little shopping around to find the cheapest prices. Well, let’s get to it! – Stretchy LaceMeasuring TapeEmbellishments of your choiceNeedleScissorsPins

Vintage Garter by Faylyne

How You Do It: Now that you have all of your materials ready and set to go, let’s get started! – Take your tape measure and measure your upper thigh. Make sure you measure where you want to place the garter (usually 3 or so inches from your bum). – Now that you have your thigh measurements, cut your stretchy lace 3 inches SHORTER than what you measured. You don’t want it to slip down your leg without your hubby’s help, so make sure to cut it short for a snug fit. – Now that your lace is cut, pin the cut edges together, and then sew them together – Open up your seam that you created by sewing it, and then fold the edges down. Pin those down as well to make sure that your seam is nice and secure. – Now that your garter is sewn together, go ahead and grab all of your embellishments and appliques and sew them in the middle. You can find some great appliques here! – Tip: Make sure that your appliques are sewn on the OPPOSITE side of the seam. And don’t sew it all the way around, because in the end you want to make sure that the garter can still stretch. – Now you’re all done! If you made your very own gorgeous garter, definitely make sure to leave a comment on how the process went and most assuredly a picture! I would love to see how it went and what your thoughts are! Happy sewing!

DIY Bridal Flower Crown

I absolutely love flower crowns; to me, they’re much simpler, sweeter, and to be totally honest, a whole lot cheaper than your normal tiara or crown. Not to mention, it can be a lot of fun to make your own flower crown! Now what’s great about the these crowns is you can personalize it to meet your preference; you can choose whatever flowers you want, how big you want it, and so on. So, here’s a super crazy easy DIY that’s perfect for making your own gorgeous bridal flower crown!

Bridal Crown by Faylyne

The Materials You Need: Like pretty much every other DIY we’ve looked at, you can get most any of these materials at Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or any of your other favorite shops. So, let’s take a look at what you need! * Floral Wire * Floral Tape * Floral Wire Cutters * Greenery of your choice (flowers, greenery, etc…)

Floral Crown by Faylene

What You Do: Now that you have all of your materials, let’s go ahead and get started! * Take your wire and measure it around your head. Cut it to where it fits properly. Make sure it’s loose enough so when you put the flowers on it, it’s not too tight. * Now that you have the wire cut to the proper length, wrap it several times around with your tape. The more you wrap the ends, the better. * Go ahead and grab all of your gorgeous flowers and your beautiful greenery. Arrange the greenery how you want it, then tape it with your floral tape. * Grab your beautiful flowers (make sure the stems are about 3 inches long so you can tape the flower on the wire) and place them where you want them. Now that you have your flowers where you want them go ahead and start taping away! * Now that your flowers are properly arranged and taped onto the wire, you’re all finished! I think one of the greatest parts of this whole project is it costs less than $15 (not including your flowers)! This is one of my absolute favorite DIY’s. It’s so easy and probably one of the most inexpensive projects that it’d be crazy not to try it! Now, as far as hairstyles go, keeping your locks down is probably one of the greatest ways to wear your crown. Loose curls or beach waves are the best and look fantastic, giving you a more country chic, heavenly beauty look. Another great hairstyle for this crown is your loose, styled messy, curly chignon bun. I absolutely love those types of buns, and they look great in any and every style wedding. For those of you who have a country-styled wedding, definitely be sure to try this out! If you tried this DIY, definitely make sure to let me know how it goes! Pictures are great too! Happy styling!

Boho Floral Bridal Crown by Faylyne

2015 Celebrity Wedding Takeaways

2014 has taken a bow out at years end just a few weeks ago, but just because last year has come to a close, doesn’t mean celebrity wedding fads have. In fact, we’re going to take a look at some of the celebrity weddings and see what they did right for 2015. Between gorgeous gowns and fabulous décor, following our celebrities footsteps (in the wedding department, at least) we can see just what fashion tips we can glean from them! **2014 Celebrities Who Tied the Knot** Yep, most of the time when we hear about celebrity weddings, our first feeling is skepticism, if not a leering thought of t_hey married that person? _Ok, in all seriousness though, we can take some fabulous styling tips from these celebs. Here are a few of the many that we can take styling ideas from:

* Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg
* Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade
* Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (finally…)

These celebrities have some great fashion tips! Here are just a few ideas to
take away from their magical wedding!

Red Lips and Finger Waves by Florbela

**Celebrity Wedding Fashion Tips:** **Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg:** The First thing that comes to mind when looking at Jenny’s attire is her lipstick and hair. Oh my word, gorgeous! With her vibrant red lips and soft finger waves cascading downward, it takes all viewers back to the jazzing 20’s. Her makeup is incredibly done, with a dark eyeliner on the top lid; her makeup isn’t too overdone, it’s just right. Her hair is just as gorgeous – the soft finger waves really help to grab your initial attention and then bring focus to her gorgeous ball gown dress. Since her hair and makeup are simpler (nothing too extravagant, but just right) her dress is the centerpiece. Jenny’s two focal “pieces” are her dress and cherry red lips.

**Tip to Take Away:** Like Jenny, you don’t want everything to be the focal point – choose between your makeup, hair, dress, and accessories. Pick one (maybe two) things that you want to grab the attention of your guests and really play those up. Everything else, let subtlety speak though soft waves and elegant colors.

**Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade:** We’re going to focus on Dwayne Wade here; his attire is an ideal vision of 2015 gentry “swag”. His gold bow and gold boutonniere are the perfect accentuation pieces. His jacket is also fantastic – the design really captivates your attention, without it being too overdone. Usually, you don’t want too much going on, but his gold bowtie and black and white dress jacket make the perfect accents.

**Tip to Take Away:** There’s a lot going on with Dwayne’s attire, but not too much. There’s not a lot of color, the small gold bowtie and small boutonniere are perfect accents to his jacket (which in and of itself has a lot going on, in a good way).

** ** **Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt:** We won’t talk about how it’s finally time they tie the knot, but instead we’ll go ahead and focus on Angelina’s veil. It’s definitely not something you see every day, but that’s the point. That veil encompasses personalization and familial sentimentality. Her veil is the accent piece – her hair, her dress, and everything else is simple so all the attention is drawn to her veil. It’s not something everyone could pull off, but it just shows how dedicated she is to her beautiful family.

**Tip to Take Away:** If you want to add sentimental value to your wedding attire, than do so in a personal way. Whatever that is, however you want, do it the way you want. Whether it’s your veil decorated in your kids drawings or a simple square piece of cloth from your mom’s wedding gown, do what means the most to you.

2015 Grooms Attire

2015 is a groovy, trending year, chalk full of bright colors, bold designs, and a trek back to the past. As the bride, you put a lot of time, thought, and shopping (the best part, of course!) into finding, buying, and sizing the perfect wedding dress for your big day. But, the groom’s attire is just as important! He’s also the talk of the town and the center of attention as he watches, with starry eyes, the love of his life waltz down the matrimonial aisle. You want him to look snazzy as well, so make sure you dress him up in the finest clothes and the latest fashion! Listed below are just a few of the many trending styles for the up and coming New Year!

{{> caption image=’’ caption=’Groom and Bride by Jlhopgood’ link=’′}}

**2015 Trends:** 2015 is seeing the new year through a new lens – it’s embracing the original and bold! From purple suits to a full out tuxedo, here are just a few fabulous grooms attire ideas for you to consider:

* **The Bold Colors:** Your fiancé is a strong man, the manliest of men, and you want him not only to look like the stud he is, but you want him looking fit to kill! For 2015, a lot of grooms are embracing the colored suits, from deep purples to blush pinks – the bold, rich colors enhance their manliness to the inth degree!
* **Vintage Style:** We’ve seen that vintage style everything is super popular with 2015, but it’s a huge style when it comes to men’s fashion as well. For example, going all out vintage with suspenders, bow ties, and leather dress shoes is one of the many ways your groom can embrace the blast to the past!
* **Your English Gent:** Classy, chic, rich, and incredibly handsome; going all out English gentry style is incredibly hot. It’s the perfect attire for your black tie affair. He will look absolutely dazzling in that plaid or striped suit with a colored or black tie. Trust me, he’ll be taking your breath away in the handsome suit! These are just a few of the many different 2015 styles that are making their grand entrance with the up and coming year. Dressing your man in the snazziest attire is just as important as finding your perfect dress! So, dress your man in the manliest, sexiest wedding clothes, and you’ll be glad you did! If you think he’s handsome now… just wait till he dons that tux!

6 Current Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Remember when the trend used to be to dress your bridesmaids in such tacky attire that they wouldn’t outshine the bride? While today’s bridesmaids still don’t outshine the bride (how could they?!), today’s [bridesmaid dresses]( are certainly a departure from the tacky frocks of years past. Today’s bridesmaids are looking rather stunning themselves. Here are a few current trends…

## 1. One-shoulder Styles

While strapless bridesmaid dresses will always have their place in the wedding world, one-shoulder styles have taken weddings by storm in 2013, and for good reason! While they look incredibly stylish, they also provide a little extra support and generally look good on all body types.

## 2. Matching the Bride

While your dress will always be the star of your wedding day, a lot of brides are opting to match their bridesmaids’ dresses to theirs. Of course, this isn’t an exact match, but the goal here is to make bridesmaid dresses fit in perfectly with the style and theme of the big day to create one cohesive vision.

## 3. Convertible

Convertible bridesmaid dresses are so popular that I’ve actually written an entire post solely about them. Not only are they re-wearable, but they’re also great for all body types and provide a bit of a mismatched look, which is also very on-trend.

## 4. Mismatched

Different hues, different styles, different textures, different patterns…there are lots of ways to take advantage of the mismatched bridesmaid dress trend. Just be sure to find a way to tie them all together and keep them in line with your greater vision.

## 5. Lace

Lace is such a wedding staple, so it should come of no surprise that lace is a bridesmaid dress trend. Feminine and classic, bridesmaids in lace can really complement the bride and the big day as a whole! So whether you use lace in a matched look or a mismatched one, there are tons of lace bridesmaid dress options out there!

## 6. White & Cream

Gasp! Brides are putting
their bridesmaids in white now?! Well, since Pippa Middleton donned a white
dress at the royal wedding, white dresses for bridesmaids are now totally in.
Not to mention, it’s very elegant, classic and timeless! They key to taking
advantage of this trend? Just make sure the bridesmaids’ dresses are subtler
than your own. **What do you think of these hot bridesmaid
dress trends? Which is your favorite?**

3 Convertible Bridesmaid Dress Options

Generally, when you’re a bridesmaid in a wedding, you end up spending a ton of money on a dress you’ll never likely wear again. Even if they’re not actually ugly, bridesmaid dresses tend to be a different style than most women would wear on a night on the town. Luckily, dress designers are changing that with the invention of the convertible bridesmaid dress! If you’re looking for bridesmaid dresses your best ladies are sure to be able to wear again, here are a few great convertible bridesmaid dress options…

## 1. Dessy Twist Wrap Dress

The Dessy Twist Wrap Dress is probably the most well-known of the convertible bridesmaid dresses. I love it because not only is it convertible and available in a variety of lengths, you also have endless color choices since it’s from Dessy!

## 2. Durga-kali Reversible Dress

[Durga-kali]( is a patent-pending collection of reversible dresses that women can wear again and again. Geared towards women looking for a formal wedding look or a chic and sassy little black dress, the convertible style provides fashionistas with a stunning dress that can be worn again and again.

## 3. NABI by Jenny Yoo

Available in four styles, [NABI by Jenny Yoo]( is one of the most romantic options when it comes to convertible bridesmaid dresses. The skirt has convertible panels in the front and back that can create alternate necklines and skirt details.

**Are you thinking of choosing convertible dresses for your bridesmaids? If so, which style?**

5 White Rehearsal Dinner Dresses You’ll Love

Ah the rehearsal, your last single night — and a great excuse to wear white. You’re the bride, after all! Whether you’re hosting a lavish affair or a backyard get-together, look your best in one of these great white cocktail dresses, perfect for the rehearsal and the dinner that follows…

**So…what will you be wearing for your rehearsal dinner? Are you opting for white?**

8 Ways to Use Your Mom’s Wedding Dress in Your Big Day

I always hear mixed reviews from brides on whether or not they’re saving their wedding dresses — some say they want to in case their daughter wants to wear it, while others are convinced the style will be so far changed by then that it’ll be out of the question. Now, don’t get me wrong; I wouldn’t have worn my mom’s poofy-sleeved 80’s dress to my big day, but if she had saved it, there definitely could have been a few great ways I could have incorporated it into my big day. If your mom’s dress is still available and you’re looking for a way to use it for your wedding but it’s either not your style or not your size, here are a few options…

### 1. Alter & modernize it.

Taking off the sleeves, covering discolored spots with embellishments, adding a little extra lace…there is a lot a seamstress can do to modernize a vintage dress! Just go talk to one to determine if the changes you want made are actually do-able.

via Simply…Splended

### 2. Use some of it wrap your bouquet.

If you can’t (or don’t want to) use your mom’s entire dress, or there are only a few parts of it that aren’t discolored, an easy way to incorporate it is to use fabric or embellishments from it as your bouquet wrap.

via Weddingbee

### 3. Make a ring pillow.

If you enjoy sewing, a ring pillow can be a great DIY project that uses the fabric from mom’s dress!

Alicia Dawns DIY

### 4. Rock the accessories.

Even though the dress may not be your style, sometimes accessories like the
veil and headpieces can be easily altered and worn.If you’re lucky, you might
even be able to wear them in their current condition.

via Weddingbee

### 5. Make new accessories.

Garters, headpieces, jewelry, oh my! There are tons of things you can make from the materials in mom’s gown!

Bells, Bouquets and Galveston Bay

### 6. Make a clutch.

In addition to the variety of other accessories mentions above, a clutch is another great wedding style item that can be created out of Mom’s dress. Companies like [{A03} Designs]( even specialize in creating these types of clutches!

via A03 Designs

### 7. Put it on display.

If you’re not wearing it or using the pieces from it, consider putting your mom’s dress (and maybe a couple other heirloom dresses) on display at your wedding!

via My Dear Trash

### 8. Incorporate pieces into your decor.

Consider using some of the lace to wrap candles and vases, or use some of the fabric for your chuppah. There are tons of other ways to incorporate mom’s dress into your big day — you just have to think about where it might work.

9 Things to Do With Your Wedding Gown After Your Big Day

Many brides _(myself included)_ spend hours, days, weeks or months looking for that perfect wedding dress. And after you find it, you likely spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to purchase it and have it altered. But your wedding is only one day. What’s a bride to do with that valuable and sentimental piece of clothing after the big day is over? I’ve been wondering this myself, that’s why I polled some fellow brides and experts alike to compile this list of ways to reuse your wedding gown.

### 1. Trash the Dress.

A trash the dress session involves you and possibly your hubby, a photographer, your wedding gown and something that might just ruin it. Think water, mud, paint. The options are endless. I wrote [a post]( back before my wedding about this option. Would you trash your dress for the sake of some really awesome photos?

### 2. Make a Christening Gown for Your Child.

Fellow bride Kristi Kovalak cut the train off her wedding dress, and her grandmother made it into a christening gown for her son. To date, 5 grandchildren (two of hers and three nieces) have been christened in the gown!

### 3. Donate It.

There are tons of great causes out there that take in used wedding dresses. When Mysti Reutlinger lost a child to SIDS, she donated her gown to the [Mary Madeline Project](, which turns used wedding gowns into burial gowns for infants. Event planner Caren Jeanty suggests [Brides Against Breast Cancer](, [Bridal Garden]( or [Glass Slipper Project]( If the intrinsic motivation of donation isn’t enough, don’t forget that donating your dress generally comes with a tax write-off as well.

### 4. Re-wear the Bustier.

Bride Kristina Katsoulas’ dress was a two-piece Monique Lhuillier. While she preserved the bottom, she’s keeping the bustier in her closet to wear on her one-year anniversary with a pencil skirt and blazer! Too cool!

### 5. Use the Fabric to Decorate Your Photos.

Johanna Jacobson of [Ambientimage Photography]( has many clients who choose to use the fabric from portions of their dresses and incorporate it into the covers of their wedding albums or to cover the large mat surrounding framed photos.

### 6. Create a Family Heirloom.

Bride Dana Napier took a piece of lace from her mother’s dress, put it under glass and made a pendant with it. She plans to do the same with fabric from her own dress and now is [making them for others]( pendant.html ) as well.

### 7. Sell It.

[White Magnolia Consignment Boutique]( /selling-your-wedding-dress-consigning-vs-selling-online/) talks to brides about selling their dresses everyday. If this is your plan, you have two options — direct sale or consignment. Consignment is when you bring your dress to a store, and they sell the dress for you. When the dress sells, the store will send you the proceeds, less their consignment fee. Alternatively, you can post your dress online, on general sites such as Craigslist and eBay or on wedding dress focused sites such as []( and [](

### 8. Put It on Display.

I once saw this on MTV Cribs, and I vowed to do it one day when I have a large enough closet. In the show, the bride had her wedding gown on display on a mannequin in her walk-in closet. Of course, you need a pretty big closest and a mannequin similar in size to you to do it, but what girl wouldn’t love looking at her wedding gown every day as she gets ready?

### 9. Pack It & Save It.

I saved this one for last because to me, it seemed like the obvious choice. If you’re still unsure of what to do, or you don’t plan on re-using your dress for a while, the best bet is to have it cleaned and packed so the fabric stays for years to come. Let’s be honest, not too many brides wear their mother’s wedding dresses as-is _– I know I personally couldn’t handle the big poofy 80’s sleeves 😉 –_ but it is good to keep around in case your daughter wants to have it altered into something more modern or even simply wants to wrap her bouquet in some of the fabric. **What other unique ways can you re-use your wedding dress?** {Photo by [Jennie Andrews](}