2015 Christmas Themed Wedding Cakes

Christmas has been here and gone already! It was a day and weekend filled with opened gifts, laughter, family time, and more food than you could imagine! Christmas time, as we’ve already established, is one of the best times to have a wedding, so if you’re getting married around Christmas of 2015, than you’re still fresh with fabulous Christmas ideas! Today we’re going to look at a few cake ideas that will really top off the festive approach to your 2015 Christmas wedding!

**Christmas Cupcakes:** Back in September, we had gone over [different styles of wedding cakes](http://theplungeproject.com/style-pretty-wedding-cake-version) that were that different, original, and personal. Cupcakes were one of the many ideas that we had discussed, and for a Christmas wedding, this is still a fabulous idea! Here are just a few different design ideas that I thought were absolutely adorable!

{{> caption image=’https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4092/5224403422_c9980c82bb_z.jpg’ caption=’Christmas Themed Wedding Cupcakes by Victoria Watkin-Jones’ link=’https://www.flickr.com/photos/victoria_made/5224403422′}}

* **An Assortment**: Not only can you have an assortment of flavors, but you can also have a smorgasbord of different designs as well! Opt for having an arrangement of snowflake cupcakes on chocolate iced vanilla cupcakes, stockings on chocolate buttercream iced cupcakes, and snowmen on vanilla cupcakes with a cream cheese icing. A selection will keep everyone happy and content!
* **Fondant**: With fondant, you can really play with the designs. There are different types of fondant, so make sure you go for a taste test and decide on which one you like the best. With the fondant cupcakes, you can design gorgeous snowflakes, presents, and anything else you can think of.
* **Christmas Cakes:** The wedding cake is pretty much the center of attention when it comes to food decorations. Make sure you really amp up the style by going for a super fancy, uber Christmas-y wedding cake. A few ideas include:
* **Santa and His Reindeer:** If you want super ornate and incredibly attractive, than this one is for you! Try going for a multi-tiered cake, placed on a stand that looks like a sled, find a Santa to place in the front seat, a couple/few white reindeer to place in front of the sled, and you’ve got Santa bringing his gift of cake! This is honesty my favorite idea by far!
* **Ornate and Floral:** If you love the traditional wedding cake with flowers gently and perfectly placed on your wedding cake, than opt for this style! Again, you’ll want a multi-tiered wedding cake [topped with Poinsettia’s or red roses](http://theplungeproject.com/week-christmas-christmas-wedding-dos), gold ribbon, pearls, and ornaments to complete the look.
* **Christmas Wedding Cake Toppers:** You don’t have to have a topper on your wedding cake, but in my opinion, it really “tops off the look”, no pun intended. With the right cake topper, you can give your cake a completed look, finishing the theme with a perfect touch. A few topper ideas include:
* Mr & Mrs. Clause
* Holly and Cranberries
* Mistletoe
* A (classy) Snowman
* Snowflakes

A Christmas wedding is perfect, and since Christmas is still fresh in the air, you’ll be able to find all the best ideas and decorations for your 2015 Christmas wedding!

2015 Christmas Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitation says it all – if you have a burlap covered wedding invitation, chances are, your wedding is country chic themed. Same goes for Christmas wedding invitations! Give your guests the right idea by sending out the perfect Christmas themed wedding invitations. Word it just right, style it perfectly, and send your gorgeous Christmas wedding invitations well in advance! Here are a few ideas and some tips for you!

{{> caption image=’https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4132/4843507440_c13660c469_z.jpg’ caption=’Christmas Wedding Invitation by Benjamin Brown’ link=’https://www.flickr.com/photos/shakedown/4843507440′}}

**Wedding Invitation Styles:** Talk about a smorgasbord of invitation styles! There are a ton of different color types, styles, and so on. Here are a few fabulous ideas that are my absolute favorites!

* **Red and White:** If you’re color scheme includes red, include that on your invitation. Try having a red card with printed white dangling Christmas ornaments. Ornaments or snowflakes are gorgeous and whimsical – it’s a perfectly romantic Christmas invite.
* **Wooded Wonderland:** I love this one, mostly because it pulls double duty. If you’re having a Christmas themed, country chic wedding, this is perfect. I love the invitation that looks like pallet bored with white trees lining the bottom of the card. With white letters, this pulls off the perfect look.
* **The Classic Christmas Invitation:** A white card with mistletoe, holly, and red lettering is a perfect wedding invitation. Although less decorative, it’s a simple and beautiful invitation.**

**Christmas Wedding Invitation Wording:** For a Christmas wedding, you want to word the invitation just right. To have an appropriate, classy, and correctly worded invitation, try wording it like:
* “The Miracle of Christmas and the magic of true love bring joy to our lives…”
* “In the spirit of peace and joy this holiday season…”
* “The greatest gift of all this season is love…”
* “The weather outside is frightful, but our wedding will be delightful!”

Make sure to add the appropriate information at the end and mention the parent’s names (if they’re the hosts).

**When To Send a Christmas Wedding Invitation:** With Christmas comes hectic traveling, expensive plane tickets, snowy weather, and flight cancelations. Making sure all of your out-of-state guests can attend your wedding is important, so make sure you send out your invitations on time. The best time to send out save the dates is about 6 months prior to your wedding date. Send out the actual invitations 4 months before your wedding date. This gives your guests the chance to book flights in advance, get things in order at home, and even get to your hometown a few days in advance to avoid the traffic and bad weather. We all know that two days before Christmas is one of the worst times to travel, and the weather almost always hinders flights. So by sending out the invitations well in advance, this gives all your out of state guests an opportunity to prepare. With a Christmas wedding comes gorgeous Christmas cards, holly jolly attitudes, and a wonderful gathering of family and friends. Whether you’re opting for the classic Christmas wedding invitation or something a little different, make it personal (and send them out far in advance)!