10 Best Romantic Honeymoon Tips

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Romance is a big part of your honeymoon. This is one vacation you never want to forget, and on your honeymoon, you want to experience an intimacy with your new spouse that you’ve never reached before. If you’re looking for ideas for a romantic honeymoon, note these top ten tips to take your romantic relationship to the next level:

### 1. Bring your own romance.

If you’re traveling on a cruise or to a foreign country, you never know what
romantic “supplies” you’ll be able to get. If you already have favorites, such
as massage oils or scented candles, pack some for your trip. That way, you’ll
know you’ve got what you need to create an unforgettable honeymoon.

### 2. Pack some music.

Find out if your hotel room will have a CD/MP3 player. If not, invest in some
small speakers for your iPod, and load up on romantic music that really speaks
to the two of you. Surprise your new spouse with a playlist that incorporates
tunes from your dating relationship and even your wedding, which can really
enhance the romance during an evening in.

### 3. Speak with your hotel about romantic options.

Many hotels, especially in popular honeymoon destinations, offer romantic add-
on packages for couples. You might choose to have your room sprinkled with
rose petals, have a bottle of chilled champagne waiting for you when you
arrive, or order breakfast in bed. Ask about what your hotel can arrange for
you, and surprise your spouse with extra romantic gestures you don’t even have
to set up.

### 4. Learn a little massage.

It’s always a great idea to book a couple’s massage for your honeymoon, but
giving each other mini massages throughout your time together can be
wonderful, too. Pick up a book or video on massage at home, and study up
before you leave so you’ll know how to make it feel absolutely wonderful for
your new spouse.

### 5. Pick out some lingerie.

Ladies, lingerie can always be a great way to keep the romance alive during
your honeymoon. Choose some new items he’s never seen before, and stash them
away until midway through your honeymoon, when they’ll really be a surprise.

### 6. Schedule some down time.

Many of today’s brides and grooms plan adventurous honeymoons with packed
agendas, but it’s also important to schedule some down time. Romance happens
in the quiet conversations that take place between activities, so make sure
you’re leaving room for some intimacy.

### 7. Order some fresh flowers.

Most hotels will have contact information for a nearby flower shop that
delivers. One great idea is to choose flowers with a strong scent – like
lavender, gardenias, or hyacinths. The scent will fill your room, and you’ll
both forever be reminded of your honeymoon when you smell them again in years
to come.

### 8. Ask interesting questions.

One of the beauties of marriage is that you’re constantly getting to know the
person you married, since people are complex and always growing and changing.
Don’t fall into a conversation rut on your honeymoon, but take time to talk
about interesting things, whether it’s your future, your favorite memories, or
your goals. Not sure what to ask? Check your local bookstore for date idea
books that often include lists of interesting conversation starters.

### 9. Hold hands.

One way to keep your honeymoon romantic is to stay in physical contact for
most of it. Hold hands when you’re walking down the street or lying on the
beach. This little bit of affection will spark greater intimacy on your
evenings alone in your room.

### 10. Have fun.

Something couples tend to forget is how romantic it can be to try new things together. On your honeymoon, consider setting up a [free honeymoon registry](http://honeymoonpixie.com/?utm_source=plungeproject&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=SP2) that will let your guests help you experience fun activities you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford – jet skiing, swimming with the dolphins, or a meal at an exotic restaurant. There’s no better way to spark romance than by laughing and having a great time together.