Wedding Music Suggestions

When couples think of the difficult decisions they must make when planning their wedding, music isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Themes, dresses, and cake flavors tend to take top priority, but many couples underestimate the importance of good songs on their big day. Music sets the tone for the entire event, from pre-ceremony to reception’s end, and it takes plenty of planning to get it right. Unless you are giving your DJ or band free reign, it’s best to have a strategy. Here at The Plunge Project, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to make your wedding day memorable with music:

Wedding Dance captured by Chewy Chua

Start with “Your” Songs. If you have a song that holds special meaning to you as a couple, be sure to find a way to incorporate it. If you’ll be taking part in the traditional first dance, consider having your song play during that special moment. If your song is upbeat, it may be fun to enter your reception to it. Many couples are opting to dance down the aisle for their recessional to their favorite dance song. This lets guests know that the party is about to begin! Break it Up. If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of planning several hours of songs, take it one step at a time. Often, prelude music is mellow and traditional (though it doesn’t have to be). Processional music can be live, instrumental, or ceremonial. Recessional songs range from classical to fun and contemporary. Making a list of categories will help to keep your music-planning manageable. Consider Your Crew. While your wedding day is all about you, it’s fun to incorporate songs that have meaning to your guests. Choosing favorites you’ve danced to with friends or a song your husband-to-be always belts out at karaoke night will ensure the dance floor doesn’t stay empty. To refresh your musical memory, ask friends for song recommendations. And if you’re really brave, allow for band and DJ requests. Sometimes the element of surprise can enhance the vibe of the reception.

Chicken Dance by Rona Proudfoot

Mix it Up. Choosing a variety of fast and slower numbers will keep your guests engaged. Some wedding-goers will only dance to silly songs (think of Chicken Dance or YMCA), while others prefer songs they can slowly rock back and forth to. (Hey, we don’t all have mad dance skills). It’s not difficult to find a happy medium between music you enjoy and catering to your crowd. The key is to meet in the middle. Consider a Do-Not-Play List. If you don’t want your grandmother to be subjected to Eminem or heavy metal, be sure to enlighten the band or DJ in advance. It’s perfectly fine to ban certain songs –or artists- from your wedding. There is No One-Size-Fits-All. It’s your day, and that means you have the final say. Don’t worry endlessly over who may be offended by your song picks or what your best friend played at her recent wedding. The soundtrack of your wedding day should be meaningful, versatile, and totally you! With that combination, you can’t go wrong!