7 Interactive Food Stations You’ll Love

Over a year ago, I wrote a post that quite a few of you really loved: [5
Unique Dessert & Drink Table Ideas](http://theplungeproject.com/5-unique-
dessert-drink-table-ideas “Permanent link to 5 Unique Dessert & Drink Table
Ideas” ). However, it’s not just dessert and drink bars getting all the
attention any more. There are tons of great trends happening in 2013, and one
of my personal favorites is the interactive food station. Here are a few of my
favorite ones…

## 1. Mashed Potato Bar

via Kristen Gardner

Mmmm…who doesn’t love mashed potatoes with a variety of toppings like sour
cream, bacon and chesse?! This comfort food gets classy when served in martini
glasses with a variety of DIY toppings.

## 2. Slider Station

Offering more casual foods at weddings is a trend on its own, so you can
imagine how cool a slider station would be. In addition to beef, think pulled
pork, tuna, chicken or even duck.

via Cobblestone Rue

## 3. Grilled Cheese Station

There aren’t many foods more comforting than grilled cheese, so why not offer
a grilled cheese bar at your big day? This is especially perfect for laid-
back, outdoor receptions!

via the Reasoning

## 4. Taco Bar

If your wedding is a true fiesta, consider a DIY taco bar! Include a variety
of tortillas, veggies, meats and salsas to add a touch of the Southwest to
your big day.

via George Simian

## 5. Biscuit Bar

Southern brides, rejoyce! Biscuit bars are here! If you want to bring this
ultra-Southern treat into your big day, consider a biscuit bar — complete
with flaky biscuits and a variety of honeys, jams and gravies!

via Southern Weddings

## 6. Bruschetta Bar

Being Italian, the bruschetta bar might just be my favorite yet. What a
perfect pre-dinner snack to provide during the cocktail hour!

via Anne Marie Photography

## 7. Pasta Station

Sticking with the Italian theme, let’s think pasta! With almost limitless
options in pasta types, sauces, meats and other toppings, the pasta bar is
sure to be a hit with any pasta-loving wedding goers!

via Letters from NJ

**What other awesome interactive food stations have you seen?!**

6 Ways to Use Upcycled Wine Bottles in Wedding Decor

Last week, I shared a cool little [wine rack DIY
-classy-wine-bar) I created for my dining room, and as I began looking at all
the empty wine bottles in my craft room just waiting to be upcycled, I
couldn’t help but think of all the ways you can use empty wine bottles in your
wedding decor. Here are a few of my very favorites…

### 1. As Table Numbers

Via Jaylene Photography

### 2. As Centerpieces

Via Love From Home

### 3. As the Guest Book

Via Ashley Maxwell Photography

### 4. As Vases for Aisle Decor

Via Style Me Pretty

### 5. For Lighting

Via Gerardot & Co.

### 6. To Hold Candles

Via Lauren Michal Photography

**What other cool ways have you seen upcycled wine bottles used in wedding decor?**

5 Ways to Transform a Not-so-Swanky Wedding Reception Venue

There are some wedding reception venues you tour and think, “WOW!” immediately upon walking in, and there are others that just don’t have the same appeal. Unfortunately for many brides, however, those love-at-first-sight venues can be out of reach for a variety of reasons: cost, date, size, the list goes on. However, just because you have to go with a venue you don’t fall in love with right away doesn’t mean you can’t use a little creative decorating to transform it into something you’ll love for your big day. **Here are 5 ways to spruce up a not-so-swanky wedding venue…**

### 1. Use Drapery

You’d be amazed at what a little drapery can do for a venue. Ugly walls? Use pipe and drape to cover them! Hosting your reception in a boring tent? Add drapery to the ceiling! The best part? Renting drapery is really not very expensive and can go a long way in beautifying a wedding venue.

### 2. Change the Lighting

Lighting really goes hand-in-hand with draping, as nothing kills the look of a wedding venue more than ugly overhead florescent lighting. If your venue has bad lighting, dim (or even shut off) the lights, and instead light the venue with uplighting, chandeliers, or even holiday lights, oil lamps, candles, etc. If you’re not a lighting expert, this might be a good place to bring in a pro to help.

### 3. Focus on Centerpieces

A great way to draw guests’ eyes away from an ugly venue is through the use of centerpieces. Think tall, ornate centerpieces…and just because they’re big doesn’t mean they need to be expensive. This is an instance where I LOVE the use of branches!

### 4. Decorate the Chairs

Similar to the thought process behind featuring large centerpieces, decorating your venue’s chairs also helps direct the eye away from an ugly venue. Whether you’re covering them completely, or just dressing them up with fabric, ribbons or tulle, there are a ton of ways to dress up chairs!

### 5. Rent Beautiful Linens

Gorgeous wedding venues look fine with white or ivory linens, but when you’re working with a not-so-pretty venue, the use of rented linens can go a long way in sprucing up the place. It’s also a great way to bring your colors into the decor more. Place extra emphasis on focal points like the bridal party table and cake table with extra-special linens!

Always remember: when it comes to your big day, as important as decor is, it’s never as important as the reason you’re getting married to begin with. With a little love and hard work, you can make your wedding one to remember on any budget 🙂

6 Outdoor Wedding Reception Lawn Games

There are tons of things you can do to add a little extra fun to your wedding reception: [table games](http://theplungeproject.com/getting-your-guests-involved-table-trivia), a [photobooth](http://theplungeproject.com/diy-how-to-make-your-own-wedding-photobooth) or _(if you’re hosting an outdoor reception)_ a variety of fun outdoor lawn games. Incorporating lawn games into your big day festivities is a great way to help your guests let their hair down, get to know each other better and pass the time while you, your new hubby and the rest of your bridal party are taking photos. Plus, they’re sure to help make your wedding one every guest remembers! Here are a few of my favorite wedding-friendly lawn games…

### 1. Cornhole

Via Blue Kite Photography

### 2. Bocce Ball

### 3. Mini Golf

### 4. Croquet

### 5. Horseshoes

### 6. Badminton

**Are you playing lawn games at your reception? If so, which ones?**