For You Shabby Chic Lady’s – A DIY Garter Must-Try!

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by Cierra Cline at Mode

Garter by !Koss

So, we’ve taken a look at how to make a gorgeous floral crown for your boho/shabby chic wedding, and it was about as easy and inexpensive as it gets. Not to mention it’s the perfect accent piece that just screams gorgeous, fabulously country, chic and perfect! Well, I have another fabulous DIY that you’re gonna love – your wedding garter! Now, we’ve also taken a look at some ideas for your “something blue” and a garter was one of the ideas. Going with that, we’ll go ahead and see how to make your “something new” AND “something blue”! Killin’ two birds with one stone… I like it! What You Need: Ok, you can probably tell by now that my favorite craft stores are Michaels and Hobby Lobby (especially Hobby Lobby), which means most of your materials will and can be found at one of those two stores. Of course you can find them other places as well (like Joann’s Fabrics, Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc…) so do a little shopping around to find the cheapest prices. Well, let’s get to it! – Stretchy LaceMeasuring TapeEmbellishments of your choiceNeedleScissorsPins

Vintage Garter by Faylyne

How You Do It: Now that you have all of your materials ready and set to go, let’s get started! – Take your tape measure and measure your upper thigh. Make sure you measure where you want to place the garter (usually 3 or so inches from your bum). – Now that you have your thigh measurements, cut your stretchy lace 3 inches SHORTER than what you measured. You don’t want it to slip down your leg without your hubby’s help, so make sure to cut it short for a snug fit. – Now that your lace is cut, pin the cut edges together, and then sew them together – Open up your seam that you created by sewing it, and then fold the edges down. Pin those down as well to make sure that your seam is nice and secure. – Now that your garter is sewn together, go ahead and grab all of your embellishments and appliques and sew them in the middle. You can find some great appliques here! – Tip: Make sure that your appliques are sewn on the OPPOSITE side of the seam. And don’t sew it all the way around, because in the end you want to make sure that the garter can still stretch. – Now you’re all done! If you made your very own gorgeous garter, definitely make sure to leave a comment on how the process went and most assuredly a picture! I would love to see how it went and what your thoughts are! Happy sewing!

7 Ways to Use Mason Jars in Your Wedding Decor

Mason Jars are definitely a staple of any rustic and/or Southern-style
wedding. Frankly, they’re a staple of life here in Tennessee, so I just love
seeing all the amazing ways people use them in their weddings. That’s why I
wanted to compile a big long list of my favorite ways to use Mason Jars in
your wedding decor. Enjoy…

### 1. For Drinks

_{Image credits, from top
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### 2. For Favors

_{Image credits, from top
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[Pinterest](, [Hostess with the M
view_album_large.jpg), [Ashley Maxwell

### 3. For Desserts

_{Image credits, from top
left: [Emmaline Bride](
jar-ice-cream-favors/), [Postcards and
jar.html), [Main Event Productions](, [Marry
cupcakes-in-a-jar/), [Southern

### 4. For Centerpieces

_{Image credits, from
top left: [Wedding Chicks](
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### 5. For Aisle Decor

_{Image credits, from top
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[Pinterest](, [Wedding
wedding), [Emmaline Bride](

### 6. For Light

_{Image credits, from top
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Sugar](, [Elizabeth Anne
Designs](, [Bettencourt
mason-jars.html)} _

### 7. For Fun

_{Image credit: [Style Me
shoot-ii/)}_ **How are you planning to use Mason Jars in your big day?**_ _