Top 2015 Wedding Trends

It’s officially 2015, and the New Year is filled with exciting new trends,
colors, themes, and ideas. From stealing themes from British royalty to
latching on to the old-time favorite flowers, 2015 is filled with new and
exciting, old and reminiscent ideas and trends. Here’s a look at some of the
new and improved (as well as old and favorable) ideas for you to consider!

Wedding by Eileen Rivard

**Taking Ideas:** We’ve all been lavishly captivated by the extravagant beauty of the British style; heck, even our TV shows, clothes, and dining tastes have been virtually “affected” by the British. Well, that’s not such a bad thing considering the British Royalty and culture is absolutely fantastic! For 2015 brides, following the example of the British culture is a fantastic idea. If you want your wedding to feel posh, sophisticated, elegant, and unforgettable, than going British is a good way to go. You can easily follow the British example by hosting an outdoor tea party, complete with British teas, peonies, biscuits (aka crackers or cookies) and soft colors. For example, you could lavish your tables with soft colored flowers placed in vases, delicate china as the dinnerware, and glass champagne cups. Your bridal party’s attire should follow suit with the style; try soft hues of pinks or blues, lace, and light materials. Posh and elegant are all the rage these days. **Accessorize with the Littles:** It’s the little things that make the biggest impact. Think about it, when you go to a wedding, your drawn to the ornate little pieces that captivate the eye. Think buttons and ribbons, for example. You could use buttons for just about anything; don’t go for one style of button either, find a smorgasbord of different sizes, shapes, types, and colors of buttons to really captivate each guest’s attention. Be creative with your buttons and ribbons! For example, decorate your wedding invitations with a button; each card has to be opened by unraveling a piece of ribbon wrapped around an attractive button. How romantic! **Picture Perfect:** Selfies are the newest and greatest thing today, so why not incorporate a popular picture preference into your wedding? Have a “selfie” booth set up, complete with theme- appropriate props. For example, if you’re sticking with the British theme, have paper mustache’s, paper top hats, and shawls. Make it fun! This picture booth could be used as your wedding guest book as well – each person will take a Polaroid picture and place it next to their names. It’s a fun and original idea. **Tasty Sips:** Instead of having a full out full-service bar (which can be expensive, to say the least) you could have a tasting bar. Set up a station where people can choose from a list of alcoholic beverages (and/or virgin) and give them a taste. This will give your guests the opportunity to taste a variety of unique drinks, without costing you an arm and a leg. 2015 is raging with hot new wedding trends, so if you’re looking to embrace the new year with new ideas, than try a few of these suggestions!

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